Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Cancer has touched the lives of so many we know - human and animal alike.

This day is set aside by Livestrong.org as a day of global, collective action in the fight against cancer.

On this day we want to honor those we know personally who are battling this disease:
from a courageous 8 year old boy...
to a woman who has beat back her own personal "great white shark" for three years (glioma, often called that due to its swift and deadly nature)...
to a beautiful Havanese named Cosmo.

And our own parents, both Marty's and mine, all four of whom have fought or are currently waging their own battles with the "Big C".

 May you all Live Strong.


  1. We are purrin as hard as we can fer everybody touched by the C...

  2. We are purraying for the day when the world will be free of cancer for both humans and our furry furriends.

    Truffle and Brulee

  3. Your post makes us both teary and determined to Live Strong. Thanks for thinking of Cosmo, dear friend. And we'll think pawsitively for all the others who have this ucky disease.
    Your pals,
    Diane and Cosmo

  4. We are purring and praying that one day soon, cancer will be a thing of the past.

  5. purrs to those that have and are battling......we hope one day we won't have to

  6. I join you in the wish and hope that one day the word cancer will be no more Hugs GJ xx

  7. We must livestrong everyday and lovestrong too!!!!

  8. I am purring that one day, no one will have to suffer because of this dreaded disease!

  9. We look forward to the day when “cancer” is just a word for something that used to exist. We join you in Living Strong today, and every day.

  10. Great post!
    Today, we is purraying for all those whose lives has been touched by this dreadful disease.

  11. So many broken hearts....
    We pray someday they may heal and someday there will be a cure.


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