Sunday, October 27, 2013

Allie's Birthday Dinner

We apologize for being late posting today - someone (whose initials are M.O.M.M.Y.) is running around preparing her materials for the Cat Writers' Association Conference this Friday. Not that it's any excuse whatsoever.

Especially since she clearly won an award for the wrong photo:

(In case any of you were wondering, the photo she won the certificate for was this one, though why she would enter one of Allie when she could have entered one of me is beyond my comprehension.)

But I digress!  I dutifully brought to her attention that she was delinquent with today's post, and what does she do? Rushes around muttering about baking Allie's birthday cake.

To which I reply (in a quite rational tone) "but mommy, her birfday was FRIDAY. Today's the day after Caturday." Which just made her act even more crazy. HUMANS!

The cans in question (do not dust
the chicken for paw prints, you
won't find any. Just meowing.)
So until Mommy gets her act together and posts Allie's party pictures, you'll just have to tolerate yet another photo of Allie enjoying her special birthday gift from Mr. Chewy - cans of Merrick grain free cat food.

They gave her two cans of Beef Wellington - which she adores because she's snooty that way - and two cans of Chicken Pate (which I stole cuz it's character building for her to learn to share).

Here she is stuffing her fat face enjoying her delicious birfday dinner. In her fancy silver footed bowl.

Yeah, she's snooty that way, too.

Mommy likes the fact that Merrick makes all their own food and it's 100% free of ingredients from China, and if you've been watching the news lately, you know how important that is. Just last week, the FDA released an update on their research into pet treats from China that have caused over 3,600 dogs and cats in the U.S. to fall ill, and almost 600 to die.

Bottom line, there are still no solutions, and it's imperative that pet owners actively avoid foods with ingredients from China until this plague of bad pet food has been resolved.  So Merrick made a good first impression with her on that count!

Merrick also lists a minimum of 9% animal protein (which is good since cats cannot properly digest plant protein and cheaper pet food brands are notorious for upping the protein percentage by sneaking plants in!). And we're 100% supportive of grain free and wet foods for cats.

Nah, the innocent angel look isn't working for us either!
Check, check and check. The only complaint we have at our home is with a certain blue-eyed Siamese who refuses to part with his dry food.

(C'mon Maxie, Merrick tastes good...!)

It's a good thing Chewy carries lotsa grain free brands, cuz we're still looking for that canned food that'll break Maxwell of his kibble habit.

We're wide open to suggestions.

_____________ graciously gave us the cans of Merrick cat food to review but we were not compensated for writing this post. All opinions are our own.


  1. Hmmmm, nice to see that Allie likes the food ;)
    We like our dey foods too, but we also like some wet food.
    We do congratulate your Mom for winning that super award :)
    You must admit, it is a nice pic of Allie ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  2. Well Happy B Day. We know about the hooman being a bit behind, ah meow.

    Thanks for that info too. Dad gives us homemade treats as we love them but there are so many bad things out there.

  3. Your birthday dinner looks delicious, Allie!

    We are disgusted by the problems arising from Chinese treats. There are so many treats out there made in China that it takes a real effort to avoid them!

    The Chans

  4. Allie, you look especially glamorous in that photo! We like Merrick canned food, too.

  5. Allie , you look really stunning in the "Beautiful Dreamer" picture <3
    Loved to see you have that jummy birthday dinner too :)

  6. We have a Merrick review coming up, too! Nothing like Beef Wellington for a Birfday dinner...yummy!

  7. We've been trying to kick the kibble habit around here, too. At the moment, we've gotten as far as having a mixture of kibble and canned, which is a big step forward for the stubborn kibble addicts. You can do it, Maxie!

  8. That is a beautiful photo of you Allie, and your dinner looks delicious.

  9. That really is a gorgeous picture of Allie! That food looks very nommy!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  10. The mom just ordered us some of the chicken pate. We can't wait to try it!

    We love that picture of Allie.

  11. Concatulations on that CofE, Allie! That is a gorgeous photo of you!

  12. Merrick kibbles just made it to our shores. We're waiting for their canned. It looks very nommy!

  13. Allie we can see why that was an award winning photo. OH MY how glam! Woo hoo Allie. Concats to your Mommy and you and we are glad you got your purrday cake!!!

  14. Allie, you make me go all fainty (again)!!! xox

  15. If you find something that will break Maxwell of his kibble habit, let us know. We can't find a canned food that EK will eat. Mom would like to get us off kibble and on to canned, but EK won't eat anything she brings home. It has to be gluten, soy, and fish free, so that really limits the choices.

  16. We gotted a sampler kit of Merrick to try, too. We can hardly wait! :)

    Happy birthday to beautiful Allie, and conCATS to Mommy for that certificate of excellence for that wonderful photo!


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