Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Tooth Fairy's REAL. (part 2)

Kitties, did I tell you that the Tooth Fairy's got an assistant?
Yup. She does.
And she was worried the Tooth Fairy might not get to us, on account of all the snow in the northeast and stuff.

Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, whatevs. Let's get to the good stuff, Maxie.
You know.
The toys.

Miss Ellen from 15 and meowing was worried Maxie might get missed by the Tooth Fairy, so she crocheted us some pawesome gifts. Hand made, kitties. For us.

Faraday: Might I point out, Maxie, that she said to share, too?
Maxwell: *sigh* I heard you the first time, dood. And the second, and --

Maxwell: Uh wait. Momma! Don't just stand there! Throw that red roll to me. I'll go long!

Mm-m-m-m. Hershey's got nothing on these kisses, kitties. Let me tell you!

"Please unwrap." Don't mind if I do....

Mmmpf! *tug*tug*tug*

: Maxie. Step aside and let a kitty with fangs show you how it's done.
(ouch. Harsh, dood. Harsh!)

Faraday: See the dexterity. The prowess!
(The incredible ego...! MOL)

Maxwell: Okay, dood, you can have the Kiss. But don't you be messin' with my Blue Ball, you hear?

Allie: *sigh* BOYS. Just stay away from anything pink, and we're good.

THANK YOU, TOOTH FAIRY (aka Miss Ellen)!

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  1. Guess having teeth pulled can be a great experience with all the cool toys the tooth fairy brings!

  2. Wow those are cool and how kind. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Miss Ellen sure was good to you! Those crocheted toys look awesome. Maxie, you do look a bit bottom-toofless, dood!

  4. Ellen makes some really pawesome catnip toys! It was really cool of her to send some to your guys :)

  5. Mom Ellen makes the best toys...nice and nippy and easy to get your claws into. We have oranges and apples. As usual, the most adorable photos of darling and handsome kitties. Enjoy your goodies. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  6. Those are awesome toys Maxie. And Allie, you know we Russian Blue Tuxie girls always look fab in pink

  7. Annabelle won a pink ball like the one Maxwell is playing with and she bounces it all up and down the hallway. She adores it. WE can see lot of happy kitties!!! Love the photos. The facial expressions are captured just fabulously.

  8. That Tooth Fairy is awesome! Whoever my Tooth Fairy is went right past me when I had to have all my toofs pulled! :( Good thing I have a great Meowm to make up for it!


    Meowm loves that 7th picture, the one of Faraday pulling out the kiss.

  9. WOW - those are really nice. I got a set like that too that I won as a prize. That Ms Ellen is so thoughtful and kind to us kitties!

  10. That is so cool and the Tooth Fairy sure is wonderful!

  11. The tooth fairy was SO good to you Maxwell! And for good reason - you gave up enough teeth!

  12. Maxwell, is it o.k. to say you make us laugh out loud?! That first photo made us laugh on account you look so goofy and then your crossed eyed photo made us laugh too. But not AT you dude. Weez all laughing WITH you! ;) And that Miss Ellen sure is sweet!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  13. Miss Ellen makes the cutest Mom is SO jealous that she can crochet so beautifully - my Mom can barely SPELL crochet much less actually DO it! You guys look like you did a good job of getting the good stuff the Assistant Tooth Fairy sent to you unwrapped and ready to rock and roll!

    Hugs, Sammy

  14. The Tooth Fairy and her helper was very good for you, Maxwell ! Purrs

  15. I am so glad Maxie liked his gifts and even shared :) Thanks for posting, I love all the photos, especially the one with the ball. I need to read that article on white cats and deafness- I have one like that.

  16. I'm glad you all didn't try to catch and capture her when she flew in. It could have caused a serious incident.

  17. Miss Ellen is very generous. She sent me a scarf when I had my neck shaved and blood stolen. She sent me a lovely soft nippy ball too which I love.

  18. Those are nice gifts! You all are so cute with your new toys but we love seeing the teefs!

  19. Wow, the Tooth Fairy be berry berry good to you. :)

  20. I must admit to feeling a bit of toy envy here!! Super gifts :) xx

  21. Aw, you two are so very, very cute!

  22. Awww... what a sweet surprise!!!
    Maxwell, you are VERY special... you have TWO Tooth Fairies!


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