Friday, April 29, 2016

Fangs on Friday + Friday Funny

We give you ...

Sassy Girlcat Fangs.

But wait ...
(cue sound of paws typing madly on keyboard)

Allie: Mother! That one wasn't supposed to be posted!

Maxwell: *voice heard from a distance*
Hey Faraday, can I stop distracting Momma now???

Faraday: Wait ...wait ... just one more to upload ...
Hey Maxie! How you you spell "derp"?

*D'oh Derp! D'oh Derp!*
(cue inarticulate shriek)


For today's funny, we give you the latest video our mom's group made. Be sure to wait for the very last comment at the end.... (hee!)


  1. That was a great picture Allie. Maybe now would be a good moment to have a word with the boys, and demonstrate your sisterly love...

  2. Allie, brothers are always annoying, maybe you can find some embarrassing photos of them to post. 😉 #teamAllie. In the video, if they're nacho chips, then who's chips are they? 😅

  3. Super duper adorable fangs. Just ignore those silly boys.

  4. Are those boys being pesky again, Allie? Shall we come over and help sort them out?

    The Chan Girls, Tama and Sei

  5. You chewing that grass is like the guy on the video chewing the chip! Loved the video.

  6. poor Allie - you are going to have to change the blog passwords

  7. That is totally hilarious (not your fangs and grass snack Allie - the video!).

    Hugs, Sammy

  8. I think you need some dental have some grass stuck in your teeth!

  9. People with Misophonia are going to HATE that video ;)

    Poor Allie, those boys are so mean

  10. Allie you look beautiful no matter what. Don't let those boys bother you. For some reason I want nacho chips

  11. Poor Allie! You definitely need to find a cruel way to get even with those brothers of yours!!!

  12. LUNCH BRAKE !!!!!!!!! a standin oh vayshunz heer in de land oh trout; de moovee rocked....itz hill larry uz !!!!! ♥♥♥ mom did grate guys ☺☺☺

    my stars allie; photo one is beyond fantatico FABulous; now that's what I call; catitude....hugs girl from dai$y =^..*=

    heerz two an earthworm eel kinda week oh end guys ♥♥♥

  13. OH Allie those brothers can be so annoying!! I know I have two of them too.
    WE loved EAR BUDS. *chomp chomp*

  14. I love your derp photo! ♥ OMG! That video was hilarious. I want to make a video with cool sound effects like chips! Hahaha!

    1. What makes me giggle is seeing the very moment these guys are almost losing it. You can almost see them crack up... and then we cut away. You have no idea how many takes we had to film before they could deliver their lines with a strong face.

      And wait till next week's episode!!!!!

  15. Oh Allie those boys! LOVE the video hehehehe!

  16. Looks like all the boys (kitty and human) have been having a bit of mischievous fun.

  17. Brothers can be such little pests, right Allie? We actually liked your pictures, so there! :)

    That video is hilarious! :D


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