Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Celebrating #Specially-AbledPetsDay

Annually on May 3, National Specially-abled Pets Day is celebrated. 

This day is set aside to educate the public about caring for disabled pets, to feature disabled animals looking for a home and encourage animal lovers to consider a disabled pet when they are looking to adopt a new family member. 

You've seen it countless times, those cats in a shelter who are overlooked for various reasons.
Tripod cats, one-eyed cats, deaf cats, cats with special medical conditions.

I think Julie of Sometimes Cats Herd You said it best in our video, For the Animals, when she stated "they're not damaged goods at all!"

Handsome Blue Point Siamese boy is still lovable, though deaf.
Does this handsome blue boy look like damaged goods to you? We didn't think so!

Which is why I love the term Specially-abled (or Differently-abled) and not Disabled.

Because, although they may be different, they're not 'less than'. A cat missing an eye is not less lovable than one with both eyes. A cat who cannot hear can still feel your affection.

Sweet Marty was a Wayside Waif with FIV. Thankfully, he found a loving family to adopt.
Sweet Marty was a Wayside kitty who found a loving home last year. His new family didn't care that he was FIV+.
They saw past that to the love he has to give.
And a cat with FIV may be immune-challenged, but hey - as of 2 months ago, so am I.

You wouldn't consider me to be a less-worthy human being just because I now have an autoimmune disease. (or at least I certainly hope you wouldn't! ;-)

So why so we do that with cats? Or dogs? Or ferrets, or any other companion animal?

As you know, Maxwell came to us as a cat with no eardrum, who was profoundly deaf. He's truly the sweetest cat I've ever been privileged to have in my life. And when the day comes that we're ready to adopt another animal - I'll look first at those who have lived the longest in a shelter.

Isn't it ridiculous that the color of a cat's fur makes her less adoptable? Black cats might be considered specially-abled simply because of this.
Would you walk past this adorable girl just because she only has three legs?
Or perhaps it's because of the color of her fur. She's no less loving for that!

The ones that, day in and day out, are walked past. Overlooked. But still capable or great love, affection and companionship.

Won't you consider the same?

For more information: www.disabledpetday.com.



  1. That is such a good point to make, and often a disability is ONLY in the eye of the beholder. Great post! purrs ERin

  2. When I'm ready for my next cat....although as I type that I've never gone and gotten a cat. They've all found me. With the exception of Sherpa. The hubby brought him to me. Every single other cat I've had in my life has found me. And I've never had fewer than two cats. I've had as many as 17. OY

  3. All kitties are awesome... and sometimes I think the ones that many humans overlook are even MORE awesome, and they're meant for special people who deserve their magic.

  4. You speak truth!! I was a bit damaged when I came to The Staff, but she didn't care and loved me anyway! xxx

  5. Specially-abled is a much better term

  6. Very special post. And the change in the term is wonderful. We adopted Savannah because she was so afraid, hid all the time and she was the longest resident at Kitty Corner. We are prove legend to have her in our lives

  7. This post made me cry. I definitely plan to adopt a "Specially Abled" kitty one day. It breaks my heart to think of cats that watch so many shelter mates be adopted while they keep waiting and waiting. It makes you wonder what must be going through their little heads :(

  8. Wonderful post! Our mommy has a huge soft spot for specially abled kitties and woofies. All kitties deserve a loving furever home!

  9. Sometimes pet with special abilities are more wonderful than "purrfect" pets.

  10. This post makes our heart all warm and happy. Glogirly feels the same way. The next time we're ready to adopt, we'll be looking for the adult kitty who's been at the shelter for far too long. xo

  11. They are all lovely and perfect.

  12. A very worthwhile post and an excellent message. Our Tama is missing a toe on her front right paw and has two atrophied toes on the left. That does not make her less of anything, in fact it makes her more the queen of the house!

    The Chans

  13. This post is so true and poignant. It breaks my heart to know some dogs and cats spend their entire lives being overlooked and unloved because they are not what society thinks of as the ideal pet. Nobody is perfect. ♥

  14. 683 bazillion paws up for a total lee kewl post two day guys !!! ♥♥♥.....onlee time we uze de werd dizz abe bulled; iz when an electronic dee vize getz un plugged ~~~~~

  15. We love your post ! That's a very special post for very special kitties ! Purrs

  16. They TOTALLY aren't damaged goods! Ashton looks like a less-than-perfect cat, but she's a perfect family member, and that's what counts. All of those specially-abled cats in need of homes can be, too. They just need a chance!

  17. Wonderful post!
    Special kitties deserve love and homes too :)

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  18. You post made our day, it was beautiful and oh so true. I guess we have some special ones around here, 2 with asthma, 1 with diabetes (in remission) and now Sister Kit.

  19. We love the term, specially-abled. We purr that more people recognize how wonderful these pets can be.

  20. That is a great idea to adopt those that were at the shelter the longest. My KaTwo and Snowball were both in shelters for 2 years before I adopted them. All cats are wonderful no matter what impairment they may have.

  21. My plan when the time comes is to only adopt those "less adoptable" be it age or special needs. I adopted Mazie knowing that she needed life long meds. Bree with her puppy mill issues. Did not turn my back on Anne even though she is "mental". I believe effury one has love to give and deserves love!

  22. What a wonderful post! We have some specially-abled kitties at PAWS, and we can attest that they are awesome. Our adoptable pal Po is totally blind in one eye, but it does not bother him (or us) at all. He is the sweetest, snuggliest boy, and some forever family is going to be SO fortunate. :)

  23. I think different cats are more interesting because you'll probably learn something new about a cat's function (hearing, vision, mobility) from a cat who has had to adapt to a health issue. We always say our three-legged kitty Sammi thrived on three legs!

  24. None of us have been differently-abled kittehs, but Tinkerbelle was close. She got bit by a doggie as a kitten ans forever after was sensitive to touch in the center of her back. Only TBT could ever stroke her cuz he knew where ta lift up slightly and just touch fur.

    We give happy purrs to those Beins who accept and love kittehs needing more care.

  25. Well, as meowmy says about the pees she works with who are challenged in some or many ways...they are still people...and somehow they are still who they were before these things happend, all precious and unique. Kitties would not be an different in meowmy's opinion. Minko is still the silly kitty here, even though he has become a spawsial needs kitty.


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