Wednesday, May 25, 2016

National Tap Dance Day + 1

Maxwell: Hullo mister mouse. Wanna help me celebrate National Tap Dance Day? one ... ♫ Ah two ... 

 ... wonder what "skiddly diddly do" means?

P.S. It's Also National Geek Day.

 Not that we'd know anything about that over here. Nope. Not at all.


  1. Peeps here, ERin has just swooned, so it's up to me to say how wonderful it is to see Maxwell has his own special day. purrs from the Palace

  2. Maxwell, you got da moves!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. No one told us about National Geek Day. We SO have that covered over here, too.

  4. Max you certainly do a mean "shuffle off to Buffalo" - my Mom took tap a zillion years ago and can STILL do that little number! As for the GEEK thing - you should be proud of your GEEKDOM....!

    Hugs, Sammy

  5. Happy Tap Dancing/Geek day! MOL!

  6. Oh, Maxwell, you are so light on your feet!

  7. Soft Paw Shuffle. Glad you and your geeky peeps are celebrating today

  8. LOL! The geek thing cracks me up!

  9. lee awesum mooves....high paws !!!! N we think a ski doo iz like
    a small boat for snow.... ???

    maxwell....heerz an equation for ewe dood strait frum:

    maxwell's equations willna coppee

    we rite

    E.dA =q/Eo

    pluz like add two arrows and funkee thing

    happee day buddy !! ♥♥♥

  10. This is certainly an all theme blog - and I loves it

  11. Happy National Tap Dance Day! And Geek Day too. I tried to make a post for tap dancing, but Sammy would not cooperate- his shoes were too big and he kept getting them off.

  12. Nice job, Maxie!

    Now bring on the tap dancing geeks! :)

  13. Maxwell, you and moussie are doing a beautiful paw de deux.
    And get your geek on!

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  15. We will not show this geek picture to Dad. He knows what that stuff means - and will tell us........

    OH and you guys go live tomorrow night......( That's OUR Friday night time er... which is earlier for you than maybe you think Friday might have been.....)

    Right? Good glad we sorted that out.

    Miranda Kitten
    Faraday FanGirl

  16. Wow! Maybe you need to come and teach those dance moves to us!

    Geek?? Yup we have some here, too...the unfurmenfolk all of them...Meomwy...not so much,MOL!


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