Monday, May 23, 2016

Personal Space

Allie: Oooh you lovely little mous--

Allie: Did you need something, Faraday?
Faraday: No ... I'm just sitting here.
Allie: Well, go sit somewhere else so I can enjoy my mousie in private.

~ later that day ~

Allie: Oooh you lovely feather wan--

Allie: I can hear you breathing, Brat. Don't you have something better to do?
Faraday: Not really.

Allie: You're not going to leave, are you, Brat.
Faraday: Nuh-uh.

Allie*sigh-h-h-h*  You do know how to ruin the moment.
Faraday: Does that mean you're done with the feathers now?



  1. It's an unwritten rule that all cats must reside within in the same 2 square feet no matter the size of the house.

  2. Ugh! He's just like Binga!

    BTW, my human says she really loves your story, Allie, and will be getting back to your human soon.

  3. Clearly, Allie, you do have very good taste in toys, and I'm sure Faraday is just taking a lead from your example. Then again, he is a boy... purrs ERin

  4. MOL... To hard to communication with pawsitive kitty...tee...heh

  5. Those brothers can just go and live in an alternate universe some days. Most days. ~Mewsette

  6. Well Allie at least Faraday isn't ACTIVELY trying to steal your stuff...he's a respectful distance away hoping you decide to SHARE (poor guy if he even THINKS that's a possibility!!!!!).

    Hugs, Sammy

  7. That stare down thing always works really well! Siblings can be so rude!

  8. LOL! Allie, you gotta teach Faraday purrsonal space!

  9. How else is Faraday supposed to know what you are doing every single second of the day?? MOL!

  10. dood....let yur sisturr haz de burd skin, & go bak for de mouz while de coast iz kleer !! ♥♥♥

  11. Poor Allie, you never get a break.

  12. Brother and Sister love is the best MOL!

  13. Allie, I know how you feel. Ernie likes to bother me like that. Though he usually will chase me away and then take my spot. Talk about being a brat! ~Zoey

  14. Allie! Grrl Furrend!!! This remonds mes of why mes loves being a only cat now so much!
    And tos thinks...mes was starting to miss Kozmo a little

  15. Gracie does that to Zoe at mealtime. Fortunately, Zoe doesn't really mind too much. :)

  16. Poor Allie, no way to have some ME time... Purrs


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