Thursday, May 26, 2016

National Grey Day + World Redhead Day

In honor of National Grey Day, we present to you one stunning Grey moggy ready to celebrate in his new forever home. Any takers?

"Hello there, my name is Shadow. My mom was recently put in a nursing home and couldn't take me with her so now ... here I am.

I am an indoor cat who loves boxes, toys, and the company of my owner."

Shadow, peering out from his kennel, hoping someone will take him home.

"And hey, I'm the kind of kitty who loves a good dog friend. I grew up with dogs, but must admit that other cats aren't really my thing.

I am a bit cautious around strangers, but once I trust you, I would LOVE to be petted. And as a mature, 11 year old guy, no kittenish nonsense from me, I can tell you that!

Not only have I lived with dogs, but I also used to live with kids and we were fine together.
Overall, I am a sweet cat just looking for a new home.
Do I sound like a good fit for you?

Shadow is available at the Merriam Campus of Great Plains SPCA.

Up next, celebrating World Redhead Day in his own inimitable way, we present to you: Tito.

"Meow there! Tito's my name, and being adorable is my game.

As you can see from my picture, I'm a beautiful orange and white medium-haired boy. I have little freckles on my nose, which I've been told are super cute.

I came to Wayside from another shelter that was low on space, so I'm thrilled to be here, where I know I will find my forever person or people."

"What, me? Smirk? Perish the thought! I'm just mugging for the camera!"

"In my previous home I lived with young children and sometimes played too rough with them, so I would prefer to be in a calm, quiet home without little kids. I also will need a patient adopter who will help me learn not to scratch on furniture. I have my very own scratcher at Wayside, which I can take home with me.

Also, our wonderful adoption counselors can give you information on working with me. I enjoy playtime, and my favorite toy is a feather wand. So much fun!

I also love to be brushed. My Felineality is Sidekick. That means that my favorite thing in the world is just hanging out with my favorite person or people.
Could it be you?

And Tito's available at Allie's Alma Mater, Wayside Waifs!



  1. Aw, what a couple of cuties! I hope they get their forever home soon!

  2. Hi guys, you are both way too cute to be without a furever home, and those freckles are fantastic! purrs ERin

  3. A cat that likes dogs! He would fit in just fine here, but we have cats too and I guess he isn't into other felines.

  4. I am sure these beauties will find their forever homes very soon

  5. How heartbreaking for Shadow and his mom. I hope both cats find their perfect forever homes. Tito is a terrific looking cat. ♥

  6. ~~~~~waves two ewe both shadow & tito N we hope de next time we heer frum ya, itz ta say yur IN yur foreverz & lovin everee minit oh it....sendin de best perch & bloo gil we haz; that yur new a dress iz found bye de end oh thiz month ♥♥♥ best fishes doodz ♥♥♥

  7. Apparently Jack, Skippy, Muffin and I are going to have to celebrate.

  8. Those are two beautiful boys ! We hope they find a forever home very soon. Purrs

  9. I hope they get forever homes soon.

  10. You're both so precious. I'm so sorry you had to lose your mom to a nursing home, Shadow :(

  11. Gorgeous felines. I hope they find wonderful new homes.
    PS-kitty nose freckles are super duper cute!

  12. Mum is going "hubba hubba" over that red-head.

  13. What a couple of cuties! And we like that their fur color is all natural. :)

  14. We sure hope those two get their heart's desire really soon!


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