Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday's Purrs: Massimo

"Hello there, my name is Massimo. I am a cat who has seen the world, both inside and out.

Right before I came here, I was living in a nice lady's yard and she fed me for quite some time before bringing me here. Though I've been roughing it outdoors, I have to admit, having someone care for me was awfully nice."

"In fact, my hunting skills may just have lost that fine edge while I was so nicely treated. So much so in fact, that I'm ready to retire. Yep, my hunting days are over. I've decided I want a nice family of my own to coddle and feed me - indoors - all the time!

To be honest, I've seen a lot, living on the outside -- and it has made me a tad leery of strangers, so when you come to see me I might be curled up under a cat tower, observing from a safe distance. But not to worry. Once I've assessed the situation and I see what an amazing human you are, I'll come out to say hello.

In fact, want to know a secret? I love a good brushing. Indeed I do! And I'll bet a good brushing is a swell way you and I can get to know one another.

So what do you say? Why don't you come on by and see if we're a good fit for each other?

Massimo's available for adoption today at the Great Plains SPCA Adoption Center in Merriam, KS.


  1. I think that's a grand plan, Massimo, finding the right peeps will mean you can have all the love and care you need, and no need to stress about life on the streets. I'm sure that new family is just around the corner... purrs ERin

  2. Massimo, I hope you find a home with a human who loves to brush kitties!

  3. We did a bit of sharing for you Massimo, and will do some more when our USA buddies are awake (again).

    Silver Kitten

  4. What a handsome kitty, Massimo! We hope the perfect human who loves to brush cats finds you soon. It will be a love match, for sure!

  5. we love the idea of a good retirement home....we are sharing!

  6. You are such a gorgeous kitty, Massimo! I hope you will find forever home very soon and enjoy lot of brushie time :-)

  7. massimo....eye noe all bout life on de streetz sew eye double tripull mega wish; ewe findz yur for everz home yet thiz month, N yur new purrson{s} haza diffrunt brush for
    ewe for everee day oh de week...N they R on ther way ta get ewe rite now ♥♥♥

    butter lover boomer o cat ~~

  8. I hope this cutie gets a home soon.

  9. I hope this cutie find a fur-ever home soon. ♥

  10. You are so handsome! You deserve a great new home to call your own!


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