Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Spoil WHO, again?

Waaaitaminit. What about Spoil your CAT Day?

Please feel free to sign our petition, below. We happen to know the producer personally.

(You know, the one who will be sleeping in the DOGHOUSE tonight, Mommy.)

Another Holiday We Didn't Invent!



  1. It sounds like some dog made this up. Dogs don't need any more spoiling. Where is that petition, I need to sign it!

  2. Isn't every day "Spoil your cat day"?

  3. I'll sign that petition, for sure. In fact can you start another, a week, no a month long one, recurring, for Spoil All Cats Called ERin Day. Thanks. purrs ERin

  4. I am so signing that petition.. I don't think I'd be allowed back in the house if I didn't.


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