Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday's Purrs: Penny

"Hello, and thanks for taking a moment to hear my story.
My name is Penny. I'm a torbie girl (that's a tortoiseshell/tabby combination) and folks say I got my name from the beautiful coppery spots in my luxurious coat.

I came to Wayside because my previous person passed away.

It's sad, and a bit daunting, to be honest -- starting over at the age of 10. But that's just middle age for a cat."

"I'm thankful to have a second chance to start a wonderful new life with a very special someone. I do tend to be shy at first, but if you approach slowly and gently, I warm up pretty quickly. And even though I am shy and cautious, I do love people very much.

It might take some time to get to know me, but trust me, I am worth it. I'm really a big cuddle bug at heart, and would love to snuggle next to you. I love being brushed, and will purr like a little motor boat for you!"

"I'd love to go to a home with a nice window that will let me observe all of the interesting things that the outdoors has to offer. (I've been known to binge-watch the BirdTv channel here at Wayside *embarrassed look*)

I don't mind being picked up sometimes and i have also done well coexisting with other feline friends. Let's have our first conversation today, at Wayside!?
Love, Penny"

Penny's available at Allie's Alma Mater, Wayside Waifs.



  1. You wrote your story so nice, Penny. I really really hope you are going to find a new loving family soon. You are such a pretty and mature cat:) Good Luck!

  2. Good luck, Penny! You sound like a really special kitty who will bring a lot of happiness to someone!

  3. My human's dad's cat was about 12 when she came to live here. It was an adjustment for her.

  4. Penny we are so sorry you lost your human but we sure hope a forever home opens up for you.

  5. Penny; you are troo lee a gorgeouz gal; we R veree sorree to lurn bout yur purrson
    N we haz all 984 pawz crossed that ya finds & yur in yur for everz home by PIE day....we send de veree best of mackerull trout & shrimp two ewe ♥♥♥♥♥

  6. I hope you soon find your new home, Penny. I am sad you lost your human.

  7. Hey Penny,
    You are a gentle, sweet soul. You will be a wonderful companion to some lucky human.

  8. Sorry your life was suddenly changed by losing your beloved human, bur we hope and purr you will soon find another peep to call your own!
    You are furry purrty!


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