Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thursday's Purrs (on Wednesday): Blossom

"Hullo folks, I'm Blossom, the rare orange girlcat! Did you know most orange moggies are of the male persuasion?

Although some humans may call me a bit ornery, I'm really a very sweet and fun-loving girl -- with a healthy side of catitude.

My loves are playing, sun bathing and long afternoon naps. What are yours?

I love to be with people, and let me tell you, those head and neck scritches totally rock!"

"My dislikes are being picked up and taking my medicine, (well, duh, what kitty would like that, I ask you?). I've been told I need the stuff twice a day, though, for a delicate tummy.

"I've been called a 'chatty cathy' (whatver THAT is). I am pretty talkative and would love to chat you up if you're willing to chat.

I'm an Independent Girlcat of Means, and I take my role of House Investigator very seriously.
When not working, I do love a good round of Red Dot.

Being a Proper Ladycat and all, I'm a diligent  kitty post scratcher -- and I never scratch the furniture.

I get along well with dogs, but prefer to be the only cat of the house.
In exchange for your love, I promise cuddle up with you at night and be a loyal companion. I desperately want a home of my own and a human who adores me and accepts me for who I am. (Which if you ask my foster parents, is a pretty darn great!)

Won't you come meet me and see how we get along? I'll bet we'd get on famously!

Orange girlcat purrs,



  1. Blossom you are a beautiful girl. I don't like to take my medicine either so I don't blame you one bit

  2. What a pretty girl! I hope you find a home soon, Blossom :)

  3. I would definitely pick that Blossom. ♥ Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. blossom; hay ewe gorgoeuz....we send happee earl lee pie day wishez two ewe a long with wizhes that yur for everz purrson{s} iz on ther way ta bring ewe home....R cuzin perkolator waz an orange gurl N her loved de same things !!!! how kewl iz that ~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥ best best fishez two ewe ♥♥♥♥♥

  5. You are simply gorgeous, Blossom! Purring that you find your forever home for the holidays!

  6. A rare Ginger Princess! SQUEEEEE! And you already have those delightful nose and lip wisdom freckles! Oh, Blossom, you are gorgeous! We four ginger Colehaus Cat girls hope your forever family is making their way to you right this minute!


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