Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Better Get Drive-Thru


They say you're s'posed to wash your paws real good before touching foodables an' stuffs.
And I totes did that (pleez see photographic evidence) before packing Mommy's lunch for her.

 Did you know yesterday was Pack Your Mom's Lunch Day?

After a good wash, I had ta inspect the lunch bag.
An' then I went and got lotsa bonito flakes - from Maxie's share of the supply.

Maxwell: dood, uh, wait ....

Maxwell: Don't you need to put people food in there too? (not that I'm trying to protect my bonito flake stash or anything)

Here, let me lend a paw. You know how she likes chocolate. Drag that bag over here and I'll nudge a few of these chocolates in there for her.

Allie: *sigh-h-h* Thank cod today's Fast Food Day.

Something tells me Mother won't be touching anything in a bag those boys have put together!



  1. I think it was more "pack a snack" for the boys day!

  2. Well, we think it was very commendable that the boys even tried!

    The Chans

  3. Very sweet of you boys to pack your mom's lunch. I'm sure she appreciated the flakes and chocolate!

  4. guys....we knead ta get with it over heer in trout towne; had we noed it waz pack a sack for yur food servizz purrson day....we wooda filled de bag with a nice samplin oh fish; coz we noe we wooda been eatin it later that day { de food gurlz a veggie tarry un ~~~ } ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  5. it is totally the thought that counts. they can pack for me any time

  6. Your such thoughtful kitties! (It is the thought that counts, Allie...)

  7. You are very helpful to pack your mum's lunch for her.

  8. Cat-lick is the best clean stuff any Being ever touches...

  9. Bonito flakes and chocolate? You never know, guys. Your mommy might like that!

  10. What a nice trio of thoughtfur kitties you are...and yes, we knew it was Fast Food Day!! MOL!!

  11. My mom would love a chocolate lunch too.


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