Friday, December 2, 2016

In Honor of Let's Hug Day

Allie: Hello, scratcher. I hear tomorrow's Lets Hug Day.

You're my Designated Huggee for the day.

(like I'd voluntarily wrap my paws around one of the boys, I ask you?)

Are you ready? This might sting a bit ....

Happy Let's Hug Day!

(not to be confused with National Hugging Day on Jan 21st. Just sayin')

Anyone else want an Allie-style hug? 
Faraday's standing by to pass out Band-aids ....


  1. No, you're okay Allie. you just keep hugging that scratcher. I'll watch from a safe distance.

  2. You wouldn't wrap your paws around one of the boys, not even for bunny kicks?? especially to the head?

  3. We all love hugging at our house. We can't get enough of it.

  4. We may have some scratchers you could hug here. Purrs

  5. She does look a bit diabolical ... but I'd hug her anyway!

  6. I don't know, the free bandaids sound pretty tempting. Oops, sorry Allie, my cats said they are the only ones allowed to"hug" me. 😉

  7. We could all use a hug this week. {{Hugs}}

  8. Um, we're not sure we'd like that kind of hug, Allie!

  9. Hugging is good medicine...and petcretary practises that regularly at her work...and we sometimes play huggies when we snuggle. That is a pawsome sisal ball you got to hug, Allie, wowee!


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