Monday, September 25, 2017

Oh No! Binge Day!

Faraday: Hey Maxie, what's a "binge"?

Maxwell: Well, it's what happens every time Allie eats. Haven't you noticed how she practically inhales her food, then tries to eat yours, too?

It's kind of the opposite of a purge. That's what happens after she eats grass and then she goes over to the carpet and starts hurling. She makes this really chunky noise and then things start flying --

Faraday: *hastily* Seriouslies, Maxie, I 'm good. I think we all get the picture.

Maxwell: So, uh, dood -- why are you asking? Are you thinking about learning how to binge eat, too?
Faraday: No, I was just wondering when we're getting Mommy back.
She said something about binge-watching This Is Us again, because the series two premiere is tomorrow night. And there's been a lot of laughing and leaky-eye stuff happening while she's watching, too.

... I sure hope she remembers to take a break for dinner ...

Any This Is Us fans out there?

The mom and Glogirly watched the entire first season during evenings in Colorado a month ago, so she knew to stock up on kleenex in anticipation of tomorrow night's premiere! 

PS: Yes, Binge Day is really today. Another one of those weird holidays we didn't invent!


  1. Like I need a special day to binge. ;) Haha.

  2. Binge, purge...sounds a lot like Patty O'Malley's usual day! Sorry, don't know the show but am glad that you are enjoying it!

  3. I saw the ads for it last fall and meant to watch it but never got around to it. Sounds like I'm missing something good!

  4. Glogirly has been listening to her This Is Us playlist, NONSTOP. She added a few more songs since your mommy was here too. She's down to only one box of Kleenex though...this could get ugly.
    ~Waffles & Katie

    From Glogirly - If you haven't watched the show, stop everything you're doing and... Watch. It. Now.
    If you have watched it... well you're probably watching again because you love it so much and just can't help yourself.

  5. I began watching This Is Us but missed a few episodes. I try not to get too caught up in series but I know this is great but a real tear-jerker.

  6. Our Mom and Dad don't binge watch anything very often, but on the time or two they did, we were sure to let them know that behavior was not well received!

  7. guyz....we haza tee and vee but itz knot hooked up ta noe tee vee for uz, local, ore cable. N just sayin.....with all that talk bout kleenez N cryin; if yur sisturr reedz what ya said, ewe two mite knead sum tizzuez....ya noe....just sayin ☺☺♥♥

  8. Ha-ha, SOME kitty here thought the headline was BINGA day! And she was about to say that is every day.

  9. No one around here has watched that program, but we have perfected the art of reminding TV-binging humans that it's dinnertime. There are some things that even a good binge has to wait for.

  10. Mum watches fewer and fewer moving picture box shows. So she doesn't see much of what the rest of peoples watch.

  11. I know I can count on you kitties to let us know about all those weird holidays!

  12. Oh, dear...petcretary says she wants to binge on some good dark chocolate!! MOL! And she wishes dog-guy might try a binge now and then...sigh...


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