Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wildlife, Up Close & Personal

While the mom was away in Colorado cavorting with other cats, she also got some pretty great shots of wildlife. We (grudgingly) gave her a second day to share some of the cool closeups she managed to capture. 

Not that she's captured any forgiveness for said cavorting from any of us. 
Just meowin'.

Our mom loves closeups, especially of nature. And cats.
(we made her put that last part in, but we still don't forgive her)

Did you know hummingbird wings can beat up to 80 times a second?

They're also the only bird that can truly fly backwards.

Bee on purple sage

So how long do you think we can milk this abandonment thing?

So far, we've received a whole huge bag of bonito flakes, two extra vacation days, a grooming session (one per cat; sorry, no substitutes), and prime wand toy time.

Maybe we should hold out for something big, like a new deluxe cat tree. Or our own catio.


Oh look. Maxwell's making his opinion clear ... even in his sleep.


  1. Maxwell...that wee blep...:::thud::: (fainted!)

  2. your mom does take some amazing pictures....though a catio would be cool

  3. Great photos but still she WAS cavorting with other cats so I think a nice catio is the best way to ask for forgiveness. LOL!

  4. Those are great shots -especially Maxie :)

  5. Beautiful photos, even if they were not of you guys! It's terrible when parents leave us home to hang out with other furry ones.

  6. guyz....ya noe...thiz post started out bee in total lee awesum N ended
    up bee in total lee awesum ....then yur mom tozzed in a 2...3....punch

    :) ☺☺♥♥

  7. Catio! Hold out for the catio.

    (Really nice nature pics, though!)

  8. We say push it a bit longer. Really. But tell her (nicely) her photos are gorgeous!

  9. The pictures are amazing ! Gorgeous ! Your mom is a great photographer ! Purrs

  10. Those photos are beautiful. I do think you should hold out for at least a new cat tree, but a catio sounds awesome.

  11. Oh yea, the photos are amazing and we say take it easy on the Mom!

  12. Go for the catio! Mum likes the pics.

  13. Definitely hold out for the catio.

    Those photos are amazing...'specially the hummers. :)

  14. I only ever saw ONE Hummingbird! *sigh*

    It was beautiful.

  15. Yes! A catio for sure! And then you can invite all the rest of us for a catio warming pawrty! Ohhh, I love this idea!

    Pee S: Your Mom takes exquisite pictures!!


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