Monday, September 11, 2017

Inspection Time

Remember our very own Project Foreman?
The feline who took it upon himself to personally oversee the installation of our new windows?

Construction is complete. And now it's time for the Building Inspector to ensure construction met local code.

New window (bad photo)

Faraday: Maxie, you missed a spot.
Maxwell: (yells from off-screen) DID NOT.

Faraday: Totes. You did too. The screens aren't installed.
I call Safety Violation.

That'll be a week's worth of bonito flakes.
You can pay in installments.
With interest.


Our thoughts are with those suffering the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and for those impacted by the terrible wildfires raging through Montana, California and parts West.

And for all the domestic animals and wildlife affected by these catastrophic events, our hearts are with you.


  1. Those new windows look fantastic...and I'm betting that the screens will be in place before too long!

  2. Those windows do look nice! There is a wet mess here called Irma but we are all okay.

  3. Beautiful views. I'll bet the reception on birdTV is going to be AWESOME.

  4. No screens? Yay for bugs and maybe a birdie or two! Our mommy would be checking every two minutes making sure those windows are closed. She's a worry wart!

  5. Yes, you need screens! Any windows without screens here do NOT get opened - and you need open windows to let in the nice fall air that is coming.

  6. One of the best things about your new windows is that big sill for you to sit on.

  7. I wish that we had wonderfur windows like yours...including the spacious window seating arrangements! We have no real windowsills here...

  8. Nice windows! We hope those screens come soon, guys. Screens = window whiffies.

  9. How would you ever manage without your inspectors?


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