Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday's Purrs: Garfield

"Excuse me. Do look like a cartoon to you? No? I didn't think so."

"Guess I can't help it that the cartoonist guy decided he needed a handsome mancat to model his 'toon after. Just one thing:  how did he know how handsome I'd be, years before I was born?

I mean, I'm only a 2 year old guy and all.  It's a puzzle, I tell ya.
Maybe I'll be able to figure it out after a snack. I hear it's more difficult to think on an empty stomach."

"Got any treats on you?  I'd gladly take one or two off your hands. Hey, I'll bet you have even more at home! What if I head on over there with you and we make it a date?

I promise I'll be very diligent managing the rodent population. As you can see from my resume photo, below, I'm quite adept at it."

 "What do you say? Think we should seal the deal over a bowl of cream?

Dutifully yours,

Garfield is waiting for you. Come meet him today, at the Main Campus of Kansas City Pet Project.


  1. Hi, Garfield! You need to get royalties for the use of your moniker!

    And I hope you will find the best peeps evfur to share the treats and cream with.

  2. what a he charms someone in no time

  3. Handsome gingercat like you, Garfield, will find your true love soon!

  4. Garfield, I love you! Maybe you could ask for a plate of lasagna in your new home too? ;)


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