Monday, October 16, 2017

So not fair. Or is it?

Maxwell: *sigh* He's at it again.
Taunting me, throwing his good fortune right in my face.

Is it really fair that he gets to go out in the harness and I'm stuck inside on my lounger?

Faraday: Well, if you'd let other kitties have some time on that lounger Maxie, maybe I'd feel your pain.  (thoughtful pause)  Or not.

Maxwell: ... don't look. Just don't look .... don't look .... Is he gone yet? Don't look ....

Faraday: Seriouslies, Maxie, you channel Houdini every time Mommy puts you in a harness.
It's not my fault I'm a perfect angel when it comes to walkies.

Maxwell: Angel? Did I hear that right? 
He said angel?
Uhh, I think I might be feeling a bit little sick ....

Poor Maxie.


  1. Poor Maxwell. Tell your mom to check with us on Thursday - we are talking about the harness mom found for may be Houndini proof

  2. At least you have a nice place to nap :)

  3. Maxie, I think it is better that you stay inside anyway - if you pull the Houdini trick outside, you wouldn't hear your human!

  4. dood....ya due noe that yur brother hasta listen ta... BURD SONG.... when heez out o doorz.....letz ponder that fora minit ~~~~~~~


  5. Poor Maxwell ! We hope your mom finds a Houdini-proof harness for you ! Purrs

  6. I dunno, Maxwell, you've got that cozy lounger ...that's not too bad. ~Ernie

  7. Hmm ... super comfy lounger, or harness and outside time ... kind of a tough decision, Maxie!

  8. Faraday and angel in the same sentence?!?! That's a tiny bit suspect :)

  9. Faraday, you're being a bit of a snot to Maxwell; wouldn't you say?

  10. Just think, Maxie, while the others are outside on their walk in the chilly air & possibly getting wet from the rain, you can stay warm & cozy in the comfort of your hammock. And you won't get wrapped in the face by a zom branch from a shrub like I did when I went stroll'in one day. Hugs!

  11. Outdoors are overrated for you kitties. Stay indoors where it is warm, comfy, and you have food and hopefully catnip.

  12. Awww, you are just a wee bit envious?? Maybe someday a good harness will come your way, Maxwell.


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