Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Lounger Mousies

Faraday: Hey look, Maxie, a mousie.
Maxwell: Yup, looks like it.
Faraday: Well? Are you gonna get it or what?

Maxwell: Whoops, there it goes.
*stretches paws out*
C'mere mousie.

Faraday: Seriouslies, Maxie. That's NOT how you play mousie. You gotta pounce on it.
Put a bit of energy behind it.

Mommy sez you've been a bit sedimentary lately anyways, so get off your lounger and chase it and stuffs.

Maxwell: Sedentary, boy. It's sedentary. And I could totally dominate that mousie if I wanted to.

Faraday: *scoffing noise* 

Maxwell: Scoff? You dare to scoff at the Maxie Mancat?!?
(cue lounger dismount)

Maxwell: (to mousie) Now go tell the boy that I totally dominated you, hear?

(cue smug look)




  1. Guess you showed both the mouse and Faraday, eh Maxwell?!?

  2. Whoa. That is some goings on around there. I personally prefer to be sedimentary

  3. I think Faraday just wanted to take over the lounger. Didn't work, did it?

  4. Wow! Very impressive Maxwell. You showed Faraday who's the better mouser.

  5. Hard to believe a cat accuses another cat of being a bit "lazy". Maybe the ignoring makes the game all the more interesting later on.


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