Friday, January 12, 2018

Cat Glasses, SD cards and...trademarks?

Remember when somekitty stole Mom's SD card out of her camera?

Well, she still hasn't found it yet, but these glasses were too cute to keep hidden away, so she got the camera out and snapped a few quick photos.

(note the Guilty Party shamelessly hanging around, hoping to score another SD card to play with)

Aren't these gorgeous?

And speaking of Cat Lady Boxes ... that same Guilty Party is still shamelessly hogging a certain box, it would seem.

Allie: I think it's time you gave someone else a turn, Maxie.
Maxwell: No, no, I'm good with things as they are ....

Allie: Maybe you'd like a little incentive, then?  *whack!*

Maxwell: you mean, like this? *whappity-whap!*
Allie: you think you can hold your own against the PinkPaw™???

Maxwell: *shoves paw into the air*
ManCat Power®! YESSSSS!
Bring it, Allie. Bring it on.


Allie: (sigh) Really? You think a ® is going to beat a ™?
That's so pitiful, Maxie, I'm actually going to let it slide. Just this once.

Maxwell: Admit it, Allie. 
Go ahead, admit it.  
I won.

All those weeks watching Shark Tank reruns next to Papa are paying off.


Something tells us it's going to be a lo-o-o-ong winter ....
Good thing we got those fancy cat cocktail glasses to help pass the time!



  1. Maxwell doesn't give up his territory easily, does he?

    Those glasses are just gorgeous! Is there a place where we can buy some for ourselves?

  2. Nothing like a stir crazy mancat defending his box

  3. those are beautiful!!

    And did you try looking under the catladybox for the SD card? he seems to be spending an awful lot of time holding that thing down

  4. It's not nice to mess with us grey tuxies, Maxwell! Allie, if you need reinforcements, I'll be there pronto!


  5. I didn't know Glogirly designed the glasses! We love them. And I second the idea that the SD card is under Maxie in the box :)

  6. Great glasses, and a pretty good scuffle too!

  7. Maxie actually managed to get the SD card out of the camera? Wow!

    We agree that those glasses are very pretty.

    The Chans

  8. My human is wondering what you are going to put IN those pretty cocktail glasses! She has some ideas...

  9. indeed girl the look on your face in the last photo is priceless and you and I both know about prices ~~~~ the mom's glasses are amazing....way to go Katie ~~ :) ♥♥ hugs from dai$y =^..*=

  10. Whoa. Is Allie softening up?!?!? I must admit that Maxie's pretty adorable in the box with his stuffie.

  11. Super fancy glasses! Nice to see you two still getting along so well!

  12. Those glasses are lovely. Wow, a win for you, Maxie!

  13. Maxwell, we think Allie let you win. ;) And those glasses are great....did you get to drink outta them?

  14. KATIE: Allie, I think you might need some backup. I'm happy to step in and show Maxie who's the Boss.

    WAFFLES: Who's the Boss? You mean like on the TV show?

    ; )

  15. Maxwell, I think you have the right to stay in that box as long as you'd like.

  16. Those glasses are awesome! I love when you two have a silly cat fight. MOL!

  17. Hysterical. Way to be tough, Maxwell. And Allie ... he's gotta get up at some point, right? Then, the box will be yours!

    Those glasses are really nice. :)

  18. Those glasses are very pretty ! You won a battle, Maxwell, but we're not sure you won the war... Purrs

  19. Time to check all the kitty nesting spots for a SD card. Or under the carpet edges?? Or inbetween the couch cushions? Those are prime hiding sots around here:)

    Such pretty glasses...almst too pretty to drink anything other than catnip wine! MOL!

    And you kitties make me remember when Minko & I would have whapping sessions...


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