Friday, May 25, 2018

Bird Watching #FAIL

Maxwell: Do you see any Allie?  I don't see any. 

Allie: *sigh* No, Maxie. My answer's the same as the last three times you asked.
I still don't see any birds.

It might have something to do with the empty bird feeder above your head, you know.
In case you were wondering.

(five seconds later)
Maxwell: Yeah, but...but...I still don't see any, Allie. Do you?

Allie: When did I get the ADHD brother, and is there any kind of a swap-n-shop for feline siblings I might visit?

Asking for a friend.



  1. Maxwell, I hope them birdies show up soon, for your viewing pleasure!

  2. one refilled your bird feeders?? what kind of parents do you have

  3. You better work on the human to fill the bird feeder. That might solve the problem

  4. "Any birds yet?" "Any birds yet?" "Any birds yet?"

    Yep, we hear this often, too. *sigh*

  5. Hmmm...perhaps somebody could fill the bird feeder for you =)
    Looking good you two!

  6. Kind of like my sisters and I asking if we are there yet on long car rides. It gets old :)

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  8. BROTHERS! They need us to explain everything to them, don't they? ~Ellie Mae

  9. BOL! I'll happily swap you for one of my brothers, I gots four of em'! And they're the weirdest 'dogs' you've ever seen!

    Love Milo xo

  10. We have a lot of birds around here. Maybe we should send some your way, Maxie.

  11. Poor kitties no bird tv today.

  12. Your mum needs to fill up the birdie feeders. Mine keeps our full, so I have grate birdie TV.

  13. Don't look here! We've got Binga to deal with.

  14. Somebuddy needs to fill that feeder right away!

  15. we sure hope your mom fills those feeders soon!

  16. Poor Maxie! Maybe you'll have more luck tomorrow! Don't give up!


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