Friday, December 14, 2018

More Holiday Fun!

We know we've shared this one with you, but it was so much fun to make! 
Here's a peek behind the scenes at the making of the big Snowball Fight:

The metal arm is holding a thread of monofilament that is attached to the little penguin's flipper.
If you look closely, you'll see he's holding a tiny snowball.
The monofilament thread is what we use to simulate his snowball toss.

And here's the finished piece, featuring Jaz and Snowby from the Hallmark Channel animated special, Polariffic.


And this one is one of our all-time favorites. 
The mom handed a box of gift wrap to the Art Director over the Sound Studio at Hallmark and he took it and sampled all the various sounds gift wrap, trims, ribbons and bows could make...
and then he composed a stomp-like version  of Deck the Halls.

It was soooo much fun for everyone who participated in making this musical treat happen!
If you look really quickly, you can see the mom in the very first few seconds as she pulls the roll of gift wrap out. 
And then her hands can be seen throughout, too — although we'll leave you to guess which set of hands they are! 
(we apologize for the ad that now plays in front of it, but hang in there, it'll only take a second or two until you can click and skip it)

Even though it's a few years old at this point, our mom still doesn't get tired of watching it.
We hope you do too!

But wait! It wouldn't be a cat blog without a photo of a cat...
(and you thought we were dropping the ball today)

Speaking of balls...

Faraday: Seriouslies, Mommy? That's your segue?

Maxwell: Well, don't just sit there, boy. Play with it.

Faraday: *tap*sniff*
It says it doesn't want to right now.

Maxwell: *scoffing noise* And you're just going to let that ride?
Faraday: Yup, I was napping anyways, Maxie.

Maxwell: Boy, you need a mancat to show you how it's done. Here, watch this:

Maxwell: *COWABUNGA!*

Faraday: Uh, Maxie. That was the white ball. The taupe one's still over here ....
That's okay dood. We're still giving this one to you.
Current tally:
Ball = 2, Maxwell = 1



  1. My gosh! I thought I was subscribed and that there were no blogs any longer. I see I am NOT subscribed and here they are. I have truly missed being here but now, I will be. XX

  2. So much fun! Although, I am very glad that we have NO SNOW right now, so no snow-ball fight possibilities in the near future for us. You boys are so handsome, whether in nap OR play mode!

  3. Love the video, so very cute! My mom would love making things like that too.

  4. Your mum and company are so creative.

  5. Cute snowball fight :) And Maxie, you are even cuter.

  6. Your human got to work on such fun projects at work!

  7. I think your Mom's work is like play! Gotta love having a job like that:)

    Love that action shot, Max, OMC!

  8. We remember this one! So much fun to see how you made the commercial, and see the finished product, too. :)


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