Friday, December 21, 2018

More snoopervising!

Momma's spending more tippy-tappy time on the computer, trying to make deadline on book #4, due from her on Jan 8 and publishing on Jan 31.

So I'm helping her. Aren't I the most useful and supportive mancat, like, EVER?

A few weeks earlier, she went to a book signing. I offered up my pawprint, to go alongside the cover artist's pawprint. Don't you think those editions would be sooper valuable, with FOUR signatures?
Author, editor, artist and...and... KITTY MUSE.

Google photos decided my musing was important enough to turn the photos she took of me into a looped video.
Not quite sure why the mama was so impressed by this, something about morphing stills into a pretty credible animation...or something...

But here I am, whacking my tail at her to get her to hurry up with the words, so she can feed me....

What do you think?
Am I a good assistant?



  1. It's a good thing your momma has you to snoopervise!

  2. Maxwell, you are an excellent snoopervisor...that is, until it's time for lunch!

  3. Pumpkin here. How do you make the video play? I tried it in Chrome and Internet Explorer and it just shows Maxwell's handsome face.

  4. My mom says feline help is not welcome near her computer. They always step on the keyboard and create a mess.

  5. Well, it's very obvious where they got the inspiration for the blue color on the books! p.s. like Pumpkin, the video doesn't work for me either.

  6. Good job snoopervising ! You're a pawsome assistant ! Purrs

  7. WOW! I didn't even recognize your Mom! Gorgeous. Oh, and you too, Maxie!

  8. You are a great assistant. We hope your mama appreciates all you do to keep her organized and focused.


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