Monday, December 17, 2018

Playing Coy

The Mom: Hey kiddo, want to play with one of the toys your Aunt Connie made for you?

Faraday: Seriouslies, Mommy. I'm offended that you felt like you actually had to ask....

*cur flirtatious and coy expression*

Hey, check it out!  Google Assistant's now taking some of our photos and merging them into a pretty decent animated video. The mom is impressed by the morphing technology they're using. She says it's pretty sweet!

And in case you don't know our Aunt Connie, and want to check out some pretty adorable foster kittehs, swing by her blog, Tales from the Foster Kittens and say hello!



  1. that looks like fun (though we can't get the video to work)

  2. Faraday, you are a playcat (like a playboy...)!

  3. That new technology looks like fun ! (but we cannot make the video work) Purrs

  4. The video didn't work for me either, but that does look like a fun toy.

  5. That was sweet of your Aunt Connie to send you a gift.

  6. I'm a little surprised you still have any of those in tact.. and glad they are still liked.

  7. Wow, your Aunt sure knows hiow to make a cool kitty toy! Did you toatally killit yet??

    We can't make the video work either...

  8. It looks like a fun! :) And this toy is really nice - it seems to be simple to make - am I right?


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