Monday, December 10, 2018

A little holiday cheer!

Allie insisted that the holidays weren't complete without spreading a little tuxedo girlcat cheer, so we're sharing a video our mom did for Hallmark a few years back.

It features a certain little gray girl you might recognize... along with a warm holiday tune.

The music for this was written and sung by a friend of our mom's who writes those funny Shoebox cards:  Bill Gray's a pretty talented guy!

Our Chanukah ended early this year (it was from Dec 2 through 8) but it's always a welcome, festive time in our home.

How are your holiday plans coming along?
Ready for the holiday tomorrow?



  1. Happy Chanukah, belated...
    Many folks in our neighborhood have decorated their homes with lights and's always fun to drive around at night!

  2. Pumpkin here. The red truck looks like the one in the Evergreen movies. Cool video.

  3. Such a cute video! Hope you all had a very Happy Chanukah. Love your beautiful mantel all decorated for the holiday!

  4. Nice video and beautiful Hanukkah decorations!

  5. We aren't doing the holidays this year, for various reason. I'm glad you had a good Chanukah!

  6. Mom luvs Hallmark and Smilebox cards! Mom and I hope you had a Chanukah full of wonderful memories!

  7. We're glad you had a great Hanukkah celebration ! Your decorations are beautiful ! Purrs

  8. You add a lot of lovliness to that video, Allie. Happy Holidays!

  9. Lovely decorations.
    Petcretary just finished putting up most of the Christmas decorations last night. Just a bit more and she will be done...ahhh!


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