Friday, September 18, 2015

Stampede in WalMart as Famous Cat is Spotted!

Maxwell: Dood, Momma's gonna put you in Time Out for that headline. That's what she calls "sensationalism."

Faraday: Is not either! She said it herself. She ran to the store and bought ALL our cards when Aunt Connie said they had arrived.

Allie: Honestly, I fail to see what all the fuss is about. It's not like they had a card with a fabulous and fashionable tuxedo girl on the front....
Remember our Big Adventure last November when we visited our mom at work and got to be in a Hallmark photo shoot?
"What's my motivation again?"

"Act big and tough. Got it."

*sigh* "It's so stressful being a star..."
And then we teased you with a censored photo!!

"I can't believe Momma made me do this...."

We had to keep our mouths closed about that for almost a whole year! 
But now they're here and we can share them with you:

"Beep Bloop...?" Momma, this is not Kittenese."

"Wait." Traumatized look "I remember that hat...."

"Yes. I remember that hat. Not fondly, either, Momma."

(inside sentiment)


"Well at least my costume totally dominates Maxie's."

"Nothing delivers mischief and mayhem like a C-at C-at!"

(whaddaya mean it's not ferocious?!? I'm so out of here.)

But wait! There's more!

In addition to the Star Wars collection at your nearby Wal-Mart, Maxwell came back in January for another photo shoot.
He can be spotted at your local Hallmark shop (or Hallmark aisle in grocers and other department stores) this Halloween.

"I remember that one, Momma. But the night sky was blue ...
And there wasn't a lady on a broom..."

"Aunt Sharon bought the card but didn't even recognize that was me!"

"Maybe it's the back of my head. What if I posed like this?"



  1. WOW... you all must be looking for BIG screen contracts now for the new Star Wars movies that are coming, any preference for characters to play? PS do your cards come to UK?

  2. This is so exciting! Harry the Farm cat wants to know if he can get a pawtograph to hang on his lounger.

  3. Wow, those are cool cards! You guys are, like, famous now!

  4. Hey Faraday, you do know that as an Imperial Walker you have weapons, right?

    I know for a fact there are now four stores in Maine that do not have these other news I just wanted to mention I am not a hoarder.

  5. Last week I was in Walmart and saw those Star Wars but didn't know you boys were on them!!! I'm just hoping they're still there when I get back. But Maxie...that Mischief card of yours is just exquisite. I have a couple stores near home that sell Hallmark cards that I'll be stopping at on my way home :)

  6. Those are so cool but the Halloween one is my favorite!! Concatulations to you! I don't shop at Walmart but will look for the Halloween one in the Hallmark area of my stores for sure!

  7. You are a celebrity! I must get those cards.

  8. Holy Toledo Faraday and Maxie you're .... you're ..... you're both big STARS!!!

  9. WOW, will you still talk to us after all this stardom? We have never known a real true star before, but it seems you are one. Even your own card. WOW! You rock Faraday and Maxie.

  10. OMC! We definitely need your pawtograph!!!!

  11. How cool for you, but I have to say, you don't look real thrilled about it all.

  12. Oh My Paws! This is the best thing ever. You'll be forever famous. Those cards will sell on ebay for $100's of dollars in the future.....

  13. ConCats dat's purretty impurrsive.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  14. Ohhh, we might swoon, even if we are mancats.MOL! We are in the purrsence of a furmouse kitty!!

    Next time we we send meowmy out to shop...we will her look those up!

  15. Oh my COD!!! This is BOG!!! In fact, this just might be what makes Glogirly set foot inside the local Walmart store. For the first time.

    SO awesome!!!

  16. That is so pawsome, Maxie and Faraday! We are going to have to go get your cards. :)

    Mom! Dad! Let's make a trip to WalMart and Hallmark now!

  17. That is so awesome! Love all the cards, you boys are super super models!

  18. These are awesome - you guys are famous! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  19. Oh, these are wonderful and absolutely adorable. Dad goes to Wal-Mart tomorrow for our canned noms. We are going to ask him to check the cards. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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