Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday's Purrs: Milo

"Are you looking for a sophisicat? Look no further, you've found me - Milo!

I’m well groomed, erudite and my manners are absolutely impeccable. I always use my litter box (of course). I’m a gentleman through and through."

"I’m affectionate, playful, and friendly to all—men, women and children. I’ve been accused of being a bit of a couch potato, but really I’d much prefer a 'lap potato' — I love to be held.

I’m particularly skilled at snuggling and purring. In fact, I tend do quite a bit of both—usually at the same time!

I’m also an excellent conversationalist. I like to keep a good chat going, and am always willing to share my worldly experience with you. Above all, I’m a true, loyal and loving companion. And who doesn’t need one of those?"

"Now, you may ask how a purrfect gentleman like me ended up in a shelter at my age (ahem ... 13. Not that 13’s old, mind you).

Well, I originally lived with an elderly person who placed me with friends when living arrangements had to change. The friends were quite good to me, but were just not ready to care for a cat with diabetes."

"Yes, I am diabetic. Something that’s pretty common in cats and really not a big deal in my book. Right now, my diabetes is mild and controlled by diet alone! I eat a cat food formulated for diabetics - and that's it! Someday, I may need to go onto insulin, but I’m a very gentle and well-mannered guy and giving me an injection wouldn’t be any problem at all.

Most diabetic kitties do quite well, and I expect to live a long, happy, healthy life just like any other cat. So, if you think a gent like me might make your family complete, won’t you please come down to Kansas City Pet Project’s main shelter and say hello? I’d be most honored to make your acquaintance, and absolutely thrilled to share my life and love with you.

Yours sincerely, Milo"

Milo would love for you to visit him at KC Pet Project's Main Shelter today!



  1. dood !!! inn deed ewe iz most handsum N we can tell frum kleer over heer in de land
    oh trout yur well mannered !! we hope with all salmon shrimp N herring yur IN yur new home by caturday... sew on SUNday yur chillaxin on a lap watchin de kitten bowl....we send best best fishez two ewe ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  2. I hope you get to go home soon handsome Milo!

  3. Oh Milo. Not only are you the single most handsome gentleman cat I personally have ever met! You are also the most charming and well mannered and loving. Mom would have you in a second if I would only let her.

  4. Milo, you're an absolute doll! You're absolutely right, caring for a sugar kitty is very manageable. Purring like crazy that your forever family walks through the door very, very quickly!

  5. Milo you are soooo handsome :) Diabetes isn't a big deal. My Renn had it for 7yrs and we did shots twice a day with no problem and no "issues". Hope someone realizes what a great catch you are.
    Marty's Mom

  6. You are a handsome dude and a gentlemanly ine at that! Diabetes?? Shucks, you'll do well, look how well you already are! Hope your dreams come true furry soon.

  7. Hello Milo,
    You are a sweetie ♥
    Sending purrs that you find a loving home very soon!


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