Friday, February 3, 2017

Maxie's Request

Maxwell: Uh, hullo? Miz Tooth Fairy? Are you there?

No offense or anything, but if you don't mind ...

I'd kinda like to keep the rest of my teeth today, if that's okay.

Maxie's at the dentist getting his teeth cleaned today.
Here's hoping he gets to keep that snaggle-tooth.
(and all the rest of them, too!)


  1. we got our paws crossed you come home with as many teefs as you left with

  2. We hope the Tooth Fairy stays away and that he comes home with all his teeth!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. We hope the Tooth Fairy hears you loud and clear, and stays away ! Purrs

  4. dood....we hope ya come bak home with all yur teethz two...sorree yur at de place
    oh eeeeeevil.......hope bye de time ya reed thiz yur home ~~~~

    heerz two a golden shiner kinda week oh end ♥️♥️♥️

  5. I was in dreamy land a few minutes ago and think I heard the tooth fairy say she already has plenty of your teeth (she has a couple of mine too), so she really doesn't want any more. But if you have to give some up, she'll make sure you get a great reward. Purrs that you get to keep your teeth.

  6. We sure hope you got to keep all your teefs, Maxie!

  7. You're such a sweetie, Maxie. (That was a pretty dirty trick you played on your baby brother, though!)

  8. Oh, fur sure we hope it all went purrfect and no stolen teeth...hope you are home and having a good rest in a nice sun puddle.

  9. Hopefully skipping his appointment isn't the only way he is keeping his teeth for a little while longer


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