Tuesday, March 13, 2012

TNR Tuesday: Part 3 of 5

For the next few weeks, we are cross-posting a series of articles on a feral cat situation in and near Canton, Ohio to help spread the word.
Our "guest blogger" is BZ TAT, an artist and former counselor/therapist who is the founder of Okey's Promise, an outreach through public art designed to create awareness about the connections between animal maltreatment, child abuse and domestic violence.
The original posts can be found at the Okey's Promise blog.


And the rescue is about to start…

feral kittens

Yesterday I wrote about how I was going to help with a friend’s feral cat colony. I mentioned that there were kittens in the group that had health issues. I got some good news about them today.

The Tuscarawas County Humane Society has a cat shelter, and they have agreed to take the kittens. Yay! Not only will they take them, they will also get them vetted and nursed back to health, and then put them up for adoption when they are ready.

I plan to catch the kittens tomorrow (I hope they won’t need traps) and take them in to the shelter in the evening. I will follow up with the shelter and keep you posted on their progress.

There are still adult cats who will need to be trapped, spay/neutered and returned to the wild. I am considering 2 programs for this. One is One of a Kind Pets in Fairlawn, OH. Fairlawn is quite a distance, but the program has better availability.  The other program is the Tuscarawas Co. Humane Society who uses the mobile Rascal Unit for low cost spay/neuter. Although it is closer, there is less frequent access to them.

Whichever program I choose, both will entail some costs for the spay/neuter process for each cat. I have started a ChipIn fund raising event to raise money to cover these costs. (Please see widget in sidebar of original post) Each spay/neuter will cost around $60. Transportation costs may need to be covered as well, if we use One of a Kind Pets. Any assistance that you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

All of the donated money will go to a dedicated account at the CSE Federal Credit Union in Canton, OH. If donated funds exceed actual costs, the money will be used for another rescue effort.

Please follow the rescue efforts on the Okey’s Promise Facebook page. Wish me well!

Pawprayers for Amy & Sebastian: 
Today is the day that the tenants are allowed to walk through the remains fo the fire. We can only imagine how difficult this will be for Amy & Lee.

Kathi told us she's staying away. We completely understand! Still, it's hard knowing others may find treasured belongings while there's no chance for you.

(Since the fire began below Kathi's apartment, and other apartments collapsed down on hers, there is nothing left for her to recover.)


  1. Those kittens are adorable. So glad their future is looking bright. Best of luck tonight.

  2. You can count on BZTAT. When she puts her mind to something, it gets done! Love that CJ. No cause of the fire yet?

  3. Good luck catching those kittens. Paws crossed! That is so cool that Tuscarawas is willing and able to take them in. :)

    Still purring and praying for Amy and Sebastian...

  4. I love the work BZ TAT does - both artistically and in her community. She's got a great heart and loads of talent.

  5. Such good kitten news! We will try to chip in a little after the Human gets her mid-month green paypurs ;-)

    LOVE to see CJ--we need our daily fix of him XOXOXO So sorry his Mama won't get any of her things back. Purrs and purrayers for them all.


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