Thursday, March 22, 2012

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

We want to thank Sparkle at for nominating us for this award. We're so honored that such an award winning author and renowned blogger would consider us for this!

With this award, we're supposed to share 7 things about ourselves:

I'm most creative...
Maxwell: when left to my own devices. I keep surprising my humans with all the games I invent.
Faraday: when dreaming! I catch lotsa squirrels that way.
Allie: when trying to express my frustration that my humans won't let me out into that lovely back yard *sigh*...
Mom: when I surround myself with creative people, which I am fortunate enough to do everyday. (though I have to admit, sometimes I get cool ideas in the shower. hmmm...)

[And Ryker would have said he was most creative while practicing his feng shui while barfing. With his IBD, he had frequent and colorful barfisodes!]

If I were a color I'd be...
Maxwell: True Blue!
Faraday: Green! I'm always going, going, going...!
Allie: (all together now...) PINK!!
Mom: groannn....don't ask me that, I don't know!

I often imagine myself...
Maxwell: as a brilliant kitty inventor
Faraday: KING of the Jungle!
Allie: in more bling

I really wish I knew how to...
Maxwell: open the back door
Faraday: open the WAND Toy drawer!
Allie: open cabinet doors like Maxwell can *sigh*

I'd love to spend a lazy Sunday...
Maxwell: napping
Faraday: chasing WAND Toys!
Allie: buffing my mani/pedi
Mom: Flying, reading or gardening :-)

I'm most excited about...
Maxwell: discovering new things (translation by mom: getting into new things!)
Faraday: New WAND Toys!
Maxwell: Dude. What is it with you and the wand toys?
Allie: anything PINK! Even my cat food is pink! (well, it comes with a pink label...)
Mom: being able to make a difference in animal rescue

My secret talent is...
Maxwell: shedding. (I even made momma change clothes this morning, cuz she didn't have time to furminate herself!)

Faraday: Climbing! Windows, Shower doors, Windows, Mommy...
Allie: modeling! *strikes a pose*
Mom: NOT singing. Or so they tell me.


Upon receipt of this award, I'm supposed to nominate five other deserving bloggers. 

Sebastian the Sensitive Soul - Though he's not blogged lately due to a serious personal crisis (they lost their home to a fire - escaped with nothing but what they had on their backs) Sebastian has been a wonderful advocate for the shelter kitties at Wayside Waifs!

Bunny's Blog  - Vicki tirelessly advocates for animals, keeping everyone informed on the latest news.

Boris Kitty: 4 Paws for a Cause - Besides throwing a mean #scifipawty on Twitter, Boris also helps raise awareness for such things as Pet Dental Help month and FIP.

Mario's Meowsings - no one has a bigger heart than Mario and his M. They tirelessly help raise awareness of needy animals around the world in their blog!

Okey's Promise - a public art initiative by artist BZ TAT designed to create awareness about the connections between animal maltreatment, child abuse and domestic violence. We give this blog ALL PAWS UP!


  1. Congratulations on your award! PINK, Allie, PINK!

    1. Allie: oh you GET me, you really GET me! *giggle*

  2. Congratulations!! Very well deserved!!!

  3. Those are GREAT choices to pass the award along to! Thanks for playing.

    1. Thanks for sending the award our way! We are glad you think they're as pawesome as we do! There are some wonderful bloggers out there!

  4. Congratulations and I love the answers (way to go Allie).

    You are gracious in your nominations too. Each blog I have visited and each blog lifts the spirits with the work they do.

    Well done and thank you.

  5. Congrats!! Great answers. Allie, pink is just sooooo last week!! lol

    Austin needs to know whether mom flies with wings or a broomstick? >^,.^<

  6. Allie, I love everything pink, too! We must both have the pink gene!

    1. Allie: Girl, don't you know it! PINK Power Rules!

  7. What great answers and what great peoples yous passed the award on to AND Congratulations on winning! Me thinks yous guys is the bestest, now me has to go check out BZ TAT!

    1. You'll love her, Nellie! She's a fab artist and has done some great drawings of ALlie & The Boyz, too!

  8. Congrats on your award...we really enjoyed reading your answers to those questions.

  9. Concats! How exciting and we enjoyed the meme too. We aren't familiar with the blogs you picked to pass it on to except Mario, and we con't agree more! What a great kitty!

    1. Oh thank you! We know you'll enjoy the other bloggies too!

  10. Well hello there! Thanks for liking us today on Facebook! We had to come by and say hey. And what a perfect day! ...with the whole get-to-know-you blog. Congratz on the cool award!
    Nice to meet you,
    xo Katie & Glogirly

    1. FaRADaY: *waves paw* HI there, Miz Girly! Mommy sez your dad and our grandpa worked at the same place! She sez you & her are the original Space Cadets cuz you grew up surrounded by it! MOL!

  11. ....and thanx for posting our casting call for The Real Housecats Of The Blogosphere!

  12. Congratulations on the well-deserved award, dear friends! We loved your answers (especially the "I'm most excited about..." ones)! :)

    Hugs to you all!

    1. Maxwell: gee...uhh... *blush*
      Faraday: Maxie! Quit blushing! Just say thank you!

  13. Great answers. I agree with Faraday on wand toys. Can never have too many. I think Allie would be purrfect for Real Housecats!

    1. Allie: Oh Mothererrrrrr! Can I enter? Please???


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