Saturday, May 10, 2014

High Drama at #BlogPaws!

Holy CAT! (Or should we say Holy polecat?)

We can see the headlines now:
"Celebrity Ferret Mobbed at Conference by Adoring Canine"!

Whatever happens next? The anticipation's killing us.

Yeah we're gonna make you wait til tomorrow. We're evil that way. 



  1. OMC, what Sparkle said! Somehow, a tutu really compromises any effort to look fierce. Still, I will be eagerly awaiting the outcome tomorrow!

  2. hee hee Sparkle and Spitty...she also has a bow on her head? Dogs! Ok...I know I late wif dis but I hasn't peeked yet so I tink der's a pawsome smell on dat rug dat everbuddy wants to sniffers!

  3. A woffie in a tutu is nothing I would be afraid of :)


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