Thursday, May 29, 2014

Father's Day... #Fail?

So we were recently contacted by the Dollar Shave Club peeps, and I was all over the idea of test-driving one of their razors for them. I mean, seriouslies. A promotion like that has my name written all over it, don't you think?

Especially when considering the type of High Art I might be able to achieve in my endeavors.
(looks pointedly at Allie)

Yet my dreams of artistic expression were ruthlessly crushed when the Dollar Shave Club lady told us what she really wanted:

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Father's Day gift!

Well.... Having a physicist for a human dad does mean unusual gifts. So I set aside my tattered ambitions for the greater good. (I'm noble that way.)

Will someone please check on Allie? She sounds like she's choking. 
But I digress.

Where was I? Ah, yes. Unique and special gifts. Like a salt shaker glazed in depleted uranium.

Radioactive Red. We kid you not.

We scoff at cuff links.
Golf balls? Puh-leez.


Nah, it's far more fun to give a radioisotope instead!

Lead-lined container? Check! Geiger counter? Yup. Doesn't every kitchen have one?

Allie: oh please. You boys wouldn't know a radioisotope if it bit you in the butt.
Move aside and let a real girlcat handle this gift. 

Maxwell: uh, Allie. That hazmat suit's not gonna protect you against gamma rays. You need something in lead.

Allie: Oh Maxie, reeeeallly. Prada does not do lead. Besides, I only wear PINK.

Faraday: Oh Dollar Shave Club lady? We reeeally need you to rethink that razor test drive.

Seriouslies: Allie with a reverse mohawk.

I rest my case.



  1. oh noes Allie, what have they done?!?!? *sends cases of tuna*

  2. MOL ! Mum would like to know what kind of food you usually cook to need a Geiger counter in your kitchen ! Purrs

  3. Gee.....surely you three smarty pants cats can come up with some simply AMAZING Father's Day gift for the Dad who has everything (you three)......I'd think radioactivity is no longer cool - why not go for something REALLY unique like a stuffy made from your cat hair purrrrhaps?

    Hugs, Sammy
    Allie - the reverse Mohawk thing? I think that "landing strip" that was left would be pretty in pink!

    Hugs, Sammy

  4. I'm dyin' here. This is too funny! Don't let those razor carrying cats near Pricilla

  5. Wow! Yoo guys really have an interesting home, *looks at boring nip mousie* Can I come live wif yoo? I tink Sammy was on to someting...boyz (go away Allie-dis is private), why not die Allie PINK! Dat wood be a pawsome daddy's day gift,and she'd be very fashunable to boot!

  6. BOL BOL Prada does not do crack us up. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. MOL! Keep the razor out of Faraday's paws! ;)

    pee ess...doesn't every dad need a radioisotope?? ;)

  8. Allie, you do a hazmat suit well! ;) And Faraday...easy with that might be accused of starting the first punk cat band with Allie as the head singer!! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  9. another good case to keep you all away from sharp implements. :) let's hope for something less dangerous for Father's Day this year

  10. N we thinked we did good givin de dad of de food gurl ...... a free oil change coupon !!!

  11. You cats are hilarious! Our dad has a beard, so he never gets razors. Of course, he never gets radioactive gifts either sooooo....thanks for the idea! Haha!

  12. You had us giggling, guffawing and snickering all through this post! The hazmat suit was hysterial.

  13. Oh boy! I could have fun with a razor and my cat bro Bert...he and Mom may not be so happy, though.

  14. So, so, wrong. BUT, so, so, funny!

    Happy Thursday, furriends!

  15. MOL! Allie, how could you let them do that?

  16. Cool! Mes LOVES that yous found such a great gift though that depleted Uranium shaker would bes so furry cool!!!!
    (and Mommy LOVES your graphics)

  17. Such a clever and fun post! Faraday put the razor down and walk reverse mohawks for Allie please!

  18. Oh Allie, I feel for you! Those boys are out of control but I know you’ll get back at them when they least expect it. Besides, your Dad is in your corner.

  19. Ya'll be weally cute but whewe yous gunna use a wazow at anyways. Poow Allie. Altho' meez finks yous bootyful no mattew what giwl, meez dusn't fink yous oughtta go fuw dat mohawky fing.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses ♥♥♥


  20. We think you all could come up with cool new 'dos" like Allie's reverse mohawk! Let's see more!

  21. Oh Allie, what has he done to your lovely furrs! You do look rather cute in the HazMat suit though.


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