Friday, May 16, 2014

Wednesday's Waif...on Friday

Strange things happen when your computer goes down. 
Fridays turn into Wednesdays, for instance!

Although we're still supervising our mom's repair of the computer, we didn't want our PC troubles to get in the way of telling you about this big lug of a boycat.

So this week, in our own little corner of the blogosphere, Friday is Wednesday.
And here's Wednesday's Waif:
Bear Cat.

"Hi guys! I have a riddle for you:

What is cute, fluffy, and soft all over?

The answer is me: Bear Cat!

I am a white and grey male kitty who is looking for his forever home. I am a very loving, sweet, fun guy who happens to also be FIV positive.

I know that might sound a little scary, but I assure you I am guy who plans to be with you for a while. FIV is a immunesurpressive disease, but with your love and caring I will live to be a very happy, old man!

I came here to Wayside because I was found as a stray, and the caring, loving person who found me knew that everyone deserves a home so they brought me here to Wayside so I could find my forever home, and my forever buddy.

My felineality is personal assistant, which means that I will always be hanging around. I love being there to help you with whatever you need. I am a guy who will love playtime, snuggle time - and shoot, any time in between - as long as we are together!

The vet tech here tells people I'm smart, affectionate and independent. And I loooooooooove head-butts.

"Me, givin' sum BearCat LUV." ~ Bear Cat

And I hate seeing visitors go. I'm just that kind of a sociable guy.

I would love the chance to meet you, so please come down. Just ask for the sweet, loving big ol' lug of a mancat named Bear Cat."

BearCat #selfie: Me, pinin' away for my forever family

Bear Cat is available for adoption today at Allie's Alma Mater, Wayside Waifs.


  1. Bear, you're aptly in teddy bear. Because you look so cuddly and adorable! Purrs that you find a wonderful human to give you your forever home.

  2. We got a no new mancat rule....but mom is thinking it is good we don't live closer cause he very handsome!!

  3. Oh what a precious, sweet baby you are, Bear Cat! Big purrs to you for finding a loving forever home soon. Sorry to hear about your computer problems, hope all can be fixed easily. We just got back from the US and just saw all your BlogPaws pics on your posts, they are awesome! It was so wonderful to meet you and attend your workshop!

  4. Bear Cat sure is handsome, and he looks like a big ol' hunk o' love! We've got our paws and fingers crossed that he finds the purrfect forever home very soon.

  5. Ahhh, Bear Cat is so cute! We'll be purring for him to find his furever home very soon!



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