Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday's Fashion Faux Paws

Episode "Paper, or...?"

Allie: Brace yourselves. 

Today's post is - well - it's rather shocking, I know.

Every fashionable feline understands that a proper meal is to be served on a dish commensurate to one's tastes.

Yet while Mother stole Father away last weekend, what appeared before my very eyes?

That's right, Gentle Readers. Paper. Our human brother served me on a common paper plate.

Maxwell: Uhhh, Allie. At least it was a Hallmark --
Allie: *sighhh* Oh Maxie. Sometimes brothers are best seen and not heard. 
Maxwell: But it was silver and everyth--
Allie: Maxwell, please have the good sense to stop talking now and let someone with style and taste make the judgement call on this, hmmm?

As I was saying... common paper, as opposed to the antique crystal platter I am accustomed to dining on.

Allie: Case in point. Elegant, classic, understated. And it complements me perfectly.

At least Jen, the cat sitter, had the good sense to serve me properly. I can see she has potential, Mother. At least you did something right.



  1. Poor Allie. Have you even considered replacing the Fancy Feast spokescat? That little lady has style and *always* eats out of crystal dishes.

  2. Allie, what do you expect from boys? MOL

  3. BOL funny common paper plates. We did laugh. Reminded us of this old lady who served her dog it's food in a china bowl. Anyway after getting a valuer round to look at some of her stuff he nearly died of a heart attack when he realised it was a Ming bowl worth a lot of money. It was auctioned at Sotheby's or the like. Strange but true. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I hope you have reported back your concerns about the behavior!

  5. You need to commiserate with cat bro Bert. He went from a hand painted glazed ceramic bowl, to a cheap plastic bowl with a block glued in the middle to keep him from eating more than a piece of food at a time. That was a while ago and he is still complaining!

  6. well Allie, at least he remembered to feed you. It could have been worse

  7. what plate ? all we iz see in iz de foodz !!!

    heerz two a mooneye & mackerull kinda week oh end ♥

  8. Well at least is wasn't something as gauche as a Sponge Bob plate.
    ; )

  9. MOL Sis Lexi likes hers china plate. Me, me is happy wiff da stainless steel. But while weez wuz hangin' in da motel mommy bwought along sum useless plastic stuff and weez hated it. So weez feel ya', paper? What's up wiff dat. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  10. We get fed on paper plates and bowls all the time, so don't feel too bad! My human is just lazy and hates cleaning.

  11. We miss the words, Allie. It's unbelievable. At least he remembered to feed you ! Purrs

  12. I bet your human was thinking that a paper plate does not require washing and it would be easier for HIM.

  13. MOL - the nerve!!! But I must say, if you're going to be served on paper, at least the plate matched your fur.

  14. *Sigh...We love our human brother, but he is a paper plate kinda guy too. It could also be dangerous for them to handle antique crystal, if you catch my drift. CRASH!! MOL!

  15. Allie only a refined ladycat as yourself certainly deserves the very best crystal!

  16. OMC! The humiliation of eating from a paper plate. If I don't get my porcelain dish, I want to know why.

  17. Hmmm, mes gots Stainless steel cat dishes, Ninja has plastic. Mes wants CRYSTAL or at least some of the limoge cake plates, but Mommy says they is in the trunk in Midway....hrrrmmmppphhh

    1. Nellie tell Mom to just go buy you some new then!

  18. You deserve the best, Allie...and that means no paper!

  19. Allie YOU should NEVER be served on less than crystal!

  20. oh that is just wrong, wrong wrong wrong.. I hope your human brother was properly retrained and begs for your forgiveness..

  21. Our kibble and water are served in nice cat bowls, including Polish Pottery ones, but our canned food comes to us in cheap white Corelle bowls from Wal-Mart. Mom says that it is because we have a tendency to break them. Paper has been tried in our house in the past, but we just keep pushing it all over the floor and don't get any food. Cannot say we have ever had anything as fancy as that antique crystal bowl. Mom says, the food part of the post looks less than appetizing, but she thinks the same of what she serves us. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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