Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Grass is Greener Inside #petgrass #ad

Remember this forlorn face last Sunday?

This post is sponsored by Pet Grass and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping create awareness about the launch of Whisker Greens but A Tonk's Tail only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Pet Grass is not responsible for the content of this article.

Allie loves her grass. And she's devastated each winter when it dies off and she's left without.
But then this lovely package arrived a week ago.

Max is ready to dive into the package ot Pet Grass
Maxwell: Hmmm, what's this I see? A kitty diving in? Don't mind if I do!
Maxwell, the ever-helpful kitty, immediately offered to assist. Can you see Allie glaring?
Inside was a clear plastic bag filled with three lush Whisker Greens™ from Pet Grass®.

Allie wonders WHEN she'll get to sample!
Allie: Mother, WHY is there plastic between me and all that lovely green goodness?!??

Every package Pet Grass sends you is certified organic wheatgrass, and sold in packs of three.

Faraday: Mommy check it out!  You can SUBSCRIBE us!
Faraday wanted to bring to my attention that you could subscribe to receive fresh grass each month. Or week. Or...

You might have noticed this as an ingredient in your favorite health food smoothie bar. There's a reason people like adding wheatgrass to those smoothies: these plants contains great nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and antioxidants. That same mix of nutrients make Pet Grass a healthy snack for kitties, too!

Licking liips in anticipation
Maxwell: Um, yeahhh. Can't wait to dig in!

The wheatgrass will stay green and fresh for up to 2 weeks in your refrigerator - or if your home is like ours, your kitties will want you to leave it out as a decorative and delicious plant around the home.
If you have only one cat, I'd refrigerate them and bring each plant out one at a time, because wheatgrass most definitely has a limited shelf life! I learned that when growing my own a few years back.

Maxie chomps down on the YUMMY grass
In 3...2... (cue shriek from girlcat)
It's also really yummy. According to three kitties in our home. But don't worry, they won't have to fight Marty for them. The thought of a green smoothie makes him, uh, rather green....

Allie runs in to defend her grass from stinky brothers.
Allie: MAXIE! Step AWAY from my GRASS!
Faraday: I count three plants, Allie. One for EACH of us.
Whisker Greens plants all their wheatgrass by hand in real soil to provide the maximum benefits of this nutritional resource. Then these little seeded pots are shipped to your home at just the right stage of development.

Maxie's fixated on this grass
Seriously delish, Momma!

Test Drive Your Own 
& Save 10%

If you want to try some out for yourself (okay, or for your cats if you're not into green smoothies!) you can buy a Whisker Greens 3 Pack for $24.99. And Pet Grass is offering A Tonk's Tail readers a 10% discount on a one-time purchase. Just use promo code tonk10 at checkout.

And if your cat digs in like ours have and you want to keep them in healthy greens all winter long, you can join the Pet Grass subscription service for $22.49 per delivery. You decide when the product ships – weekly, every two weeks, every 3 weeks or once per month.

Whisker Greens Pet Grass is a recently launched company, new to the pet industry.
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  1. I'm such a bad cat mom...I've never even tried to grow grass for my cats. The main reason I didn't apply for this campaign is because I have such a black thumb I figured I would end up killing the plant within days!!!

    1. My human's just as bad and ours has stayed alive for a surprisingly long time! Even with Boodie chomping on it constantly (she's the big grass eater here).

  2. That DOES look yum. Prolly I would hack it up if I had some. But Mom is thinking about those smoothies........

  3. We saw this on another blog and have already added this nommy grass to our Christmas list. How wonderful to have this in the winter. As always, the photos are A+. Tomorrow we will have Part 2 of our Jackson Galaxy Interview. Hope you’ll join us. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  4. Seriously yummy AND good for the tummy, now that's the sort of treat I like!

  5. I know what Phoebe is going to put on her Christmas list.

  6. Katie is really enjoying her cat grass! We've even had to ration her nibbling!
    Waffles still thinks it's a toy. haha!

  7. Totally brilliant. People need to go and get some NOW!!!

  8. I bet if I had that grass, I wouldn't chew on the plants around here. ~Wally

  9. Your grass looks very lush. But grass does not tempt me, not one bit. You know, grass is very easy to grow from seed and then you can eat the most tender baby shoots!

  10. Guess I’m just not a grass feline.

  11. They send them to you already grown?? well that's just ... different.

  12. We are love love loving our Pet Grass! Glad you guys are too!

  13. We think that would be a pawsome item to add to our dens decor! And we would help meowmy take care of, you know, MOL!

  14. Looks great! Mom grows ours year round so has it down to a pretty good rotation on when to plant the next batch of seeds.


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