Monday, December 14, 2015

#BayerExpertCare Makes Great Holiday Gift for Shelters #ad

Maxwell: Uhh, Momma? What's that bottle doing sitting next to me? Should I be worried?
Me: Only if you enjoy dry, itchy skin in the winter, baby.

Faraday: Seriouslies, Maxie You have dandruff.
Maxwell: You say that like it's a bad thing....
Maxwell eyes his bottle of Bayer Expert Care itch relief spray

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So it's mid-December, we're way past the freezing point here in the Midwest, and the furnace is drying everything out. My hands, my lips, my nose, Maxie's fur.... TMI...

Maxie is still enjoying his soft coat from the Cleansing Foam we've been using on him. Seriously, he's even softer than usual, and I'm loving it. But I have to say, the poor guy still has BED-fur.

And unlike bedhead, BED stands for Back End Dandruff. It gets worse in the winter. He does end up scratching a bit more, too, thanks to our We-Need-a-Humidifier home making him all dry and itchy.

Closeup of the itch relief spray bottle: active ingredients include oatmeal + Omega-6 fatty acids
Active ingredients: oatmeal + Omega-6 fatty acids
So I thought I might try out some Bayer® ExpertCare Itch Relief Spray on his backside. this spray is specially formulated for cats by Bayer. You know me: I had to go check out the ingredients first.

The active ingredient, Pramoxine HCl, is actually a topical antiseptic found in a lot of over the counter medications like Caladryl for poison ivy and Neosporin for treating cuts.

According to the single medical study I found, "Ingestion of a pramoxine-containing topical product did not produce significant clinical effects that warranted direct medical attention" in humans or in animals. And then I found the data, and ran the numbers. Suffice it to say Maxie would have to chug the stuff - which he'd never do - before there would be cause for concern.

As far as colloidal oatmeal and Omega-6 fatty acids are concerned? If you enjoy geeking out on research like I do (wait, what's that I hear? crickets?) you should read this National Institutes of Health article on colloidal oatmeal. Oh, and Omaga-6 fatty acids? Way too many great articles to post - here's just one example.

The aforementioned dandruff, for all to see
The aforementioned dandruff, for all to see
At any rate, here's how you use it: it works best if you spray on skin, not fur, and work it in a bit. So I parted Maxie's skin, received a bit of advice from my nosy helper and applied it.

Faraday: your technique could use some improvement, Mommy.
Faraday: your technique could use some improvement, Mommy. (Everyone's a critic!)

To be honest, Max didn't need much help on the itch relief front, but I know a few shelter cats who could really benefit from this. Including a poor kitty named Mike at Great Plains SPCA who has to wear a sweater to keep him from over-scratching!

In fact, flea bite sensitivity is the most common skin disease diagnosed in cats. Since many cats that find their way to a shelter have fleas, Bayer's ExpertCare Itch Relief Spray would be a very welcome addition to a gift basket for your shelter.

If you're interested in gifting a bottle to your shelter this holiday season, you can only find it at your local PetSmart, or online at



  1. Pipo sometimes shows up in dandruff mode...that really shows up against his sealpoint fur, MOL! Oh wait dandruff isn't funny...

    Hope it helps you, Maxwell!

  2. I'm not that itchy and definitely not dandruffy, but judging from my human's flaky hands, maybe she could use some of this!

  3. What a great idea to include in a pet gift basket! Tara used to have lots of dandruff...and Mudpie is getting a teensy bit too.

  4. Psst: Don't feel badly about the dandruff, my feline sister Rosie has the same issue and she's a black cat so it kind of shows. We need to get her some of this stuff ASAP.

  5. Louie had BED fur. We never knew it could be related to humidity, since it's always humid here.

  6. I will try to get Katie to allow it. She could use it. Or go to Albuquerque with Donkey!

  7. I get *whispering* dandruff too in the wintertime. The mom says it's because I lay by the hot air blowing thingy all the time and it dries my skin out. I think I may need some of this. ~Ernie

  8. Sounds like a good option, especially for shelter kitties who may come in with less than healthy skin & coats (not to mention fleas).


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