Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Mystery of the Missing Meal

Faraday: Things have been a little lean around here.
Be honest, now. Do I look a bit gaunt to you?

Lately, I've been coming down to my breakfast bowl, only to find THIS.

That's right. EMPTY.

Now, I know Mommy's been busy and all but seriouslies, she'd never forget to feed me.
Besides, it's obvious that these are fresh remains, and not that crusted-over from last night stuff.

Is it a coincidence that Allie's sitting on Maxie's lounger, staring at me? I think not.

I say it's time to do a little

First things first:
Collecting incriminating evidence is VERY important.


Next, you need tools to catch your suspect unawares. 
She'll never see this one coming...

Invisible Pressure-Sensitive Mat: CHECK.

Maxwell: Pressure--??
Dood, that's not high-tech. It's just a bunch of double-stick TAPE.

Your point, Maxie???
And I just got my PAW stuck in it.

Faraday: Wait - DON'T MOVE, Maxie. You'll get the sensors out of alignment.
And are you sure that's your fur and not Allie's?? Let me just grab my tweezers....

You do make a point. Maybe I'd better get online and order...

(cue theme music from Mission: Impossible)


Maxwell: Dood. Overkill much?
                I have a better idea....

 So whodunit? 
Stay tuned for Part 2, this Wednesday.



  1. Faraday, I hope you catch the food thief. I'm sure it's not Maxwell. He's too handsome to be a thief.

  2. Oh, poor Faraday. Who's been eating your food?

  3. We don't know...we can't get past how gaunt you look Faraday! Heehee ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  4. My human has to stand guard while we eat, just to avoid this very problem!

  5. This can happen at our place.Sometimes Mom has to watch.
    We are enjoying watching you solve this mystery :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. You definitely look a bit the worse for it. On plus side if you lose weight now you can eat more at Christmas!

  7. Hahaha! Faraday you are so gaunt! How can you even sleuth!! MOL so funny!!

  8. Faraday....you are wasting away! :) But you had to order a laser - doesn't your daddy have some of those???

  9. You do appear to be on the brink of starvation! I hope that you can crack this case!!

  10. Wow this is out of Mission Impawissble!

  11. I'm hoping you are going to use a camera to catch the thief. I know our Vimtag worked well in capturing Bailie and cat bro Bert in the middle of their crimes! I'll be back tomorrow for more!

  12. We are on the edge of our beds. Can't wait to see who the thief is.

  13. double sided tape? really.. lol..

    you know Faraday, you could just show up for breakfast on time..

  14. OMC - now we're being held in suspense until tomorrow. I can't wait that long - I'll lose sleep. I personally think the dog did it. What! You don't have a dog? Well run out and borrow a neighbor's dog. In fact, he's the one that sneaked into your house during the night.

  15. What a purrfect investigator you are Faraday! These are some very clever ideas to catch that food thief.

  16. I hope you catch the thief, you have plenty of evidence.

  17. Hilarious! Good thing you have expert cat sleuths on the job.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  18. Well, we have a pretty good idea about whodunit...but the question is, what are you gonna do about it, Faraday??

  19. Somebuddy's been eating your foods??? We hope you catch the culprit real soon, Faraday!

  20. Stealing each others foods? Not fair.

  21. *clapping paws* screee! We toally luvluvluvluv 'who done its'!

  22. Oh, MY!!
    Sleuth kitty's work is difficult...cause the stealth kitty is hard to catch in the act:))


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