Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Shocking Truth

The Saga Continues...
When last we left our intrepid reporter, Faraday was convinced Allie was eating HIS dinner.
(Any takers on whether or not he got a DNA sample without bloodshed? Nah, didn't think so....)

Maxwell: Dood, instead of cleaning out Momma's savings account with that laser grid (it is returnable, I hope) you might try something else...

Someone tell Tom Cruise to come get his Laser Grid.

Maxwell: What about a Vimtag Camera?

Talk about Plug-n-Play. This was a snap: plug in,
download app, wait 50 seconds: BOOM, instant feed.
Maxwell: You can control it manually from anywhere - your computer, your mobile phone, your iPawd... It's especially easy on mobile devices, where a simple paw swipe left or right sends the camera panning across the room. And it swivels almost 360 degrees. Talk about having eyes in the back of your head!

And it's wireless. (Unlike the current one the humans have, which won't work anywhere without an ethernet cable, and doesn't move at all).

And you can communicate. BOTH ways. Just think of the possibilities.

Faraday: Well, why didn't you say so, Maxie?
Maxwell: Uh, dood, I just did....

Later that day... 

Faraday checks out all his Vimtag feeds on his computer.
*cough* simulated *cough*

Faraday: Check out my Mission Control! I have Security Vimtags EVERYWHERE.
Purrfect coverage, and so easy to operate remotely. See?
I had Mommy demo it for you. Watch the mouse (in yellow circle) navigate through the app:

HOLY CAT! I can DVR BirdTV while I'm napping, and binge-watch all my favorite episodes any time I want! Sweeeeeeeet!

So...the answer we've all been dying to hear:

Faraday: Seriouslies, Maxie?  Seriouslies?!?!?!?

From the momma
Personally, I love this and am going to order a second one.

It's SO much better than the one I have. It's true, you get what you pay for:

My old camera?
 - Has to be wired. Can only use in ONE location
 - Has no capabilites. At all.
 - Was a total pain to set up.

 The Vimtag?
- Works wirelessly in every area of my house
- I can hear them, they can hear me
- Genuine plug-n-play, and easy to operate.

I was in St. Louis this weekend testing it -- it's so cute to see the cats try to find me when I use the 2-way microphone!

FCC Disclaimer: While this is a review and we were compensated for the time it took to photograph and tell you about the Vimtag Fujikam, we giggled all the way through the creation of this. We hope you had fun, too. All opinions are our own. 


  1. I think more proof is needed. Maxwell was just helping test the camera.

  2. Food thief! Food thief! Great camera. Perfect for finding FOOD THIEVES!

  3. Oh man, Maxwell, you were SO busted! And this sounds like an awesome camera!

  4. Oooh I want to try one of those.. That could be so much fun.

    Looks like the Momma needs to feed extra rations...pronto

  5. BUSTED!!! bwahahaha.... Love that Maxwell keeps looking around - just in case. mom said she is going to have to look into one of these

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  6. That is great. I don't need a camera to tell me who steals food though- it is Sammy :)

  7. LOL you are so busted!
    I'd love to get that camera. Though, my kitties may not want me to get one... :-)

  8. Dude better call Saul! Hmm maybe not, but a good lawyer will get you off, you definitely framed or entrapped!

  9. Uh-oh...someone is going to need a REALLY good attorney. I love the Vimtag camera and have entered a couple of giveaways with ours paws crossed.

    1. Seriouslies? oooh a giveaway! COOLIO! I need about 5,983,244 more of these cameras, to case the joint properly. ~ Faraday

  10. Oh WOW! Thanks for that guys! The Staff who is a self confessed gadget freak, is going to have to look in to this and then Maxie won't be the only one to be busted!!!

  11. Mum is falling off her chair with hysterical laughter!!!!

    Oh this is BRILLIANT. We tech geeks are SO going to get one!!!

    Mum has a birthday in March.........

  12. Busted !!! We're so glad Mum does NOT have a camera like this one ! Purrs

  13. Looks like the crime is being sniffed out at your place as well. The Vimtag is an awesome camera! We sure love ours and Bailie has been caught and is currently paying for her crimes in doggy jail when the mom is away.

    1. MOL! Looks like someone else has been busted with the Vimtag! Heee!

  14. OMG, this is hysterical. I laughed out loud especially when Faraday checks out his feeds on the computer.

  15. I just knew sweet Allie was not looking any less svelte...could not have been her. And BTW totally pawsome, paws down, the BEST PRODUCT REVIEW EVVVEEERRR!!

  16. Wow...! cool camera - especially catching thieves in the act... mol.

  17. Clearly he was just testing out the camera. Seriouslies. Our mommy found it all very funny though. She's weird.

  18. We don't want the mom to see this and get any ideas about getting one of those cameras for our house.

  19. Smile Maxie, you're on Candid Camera! My mum says it looks like a great camera. I am not so sure if it means I get spied on.

  20. Busted! Cool toy, mum didn't think it was that expensive either.

  21. Allie says she KNEW Allie wasn't the culprit! We have 4 cameras so it's hard to get away with anything around here!!! The humans spy on us all the time.

    The Florida Furkids

  22. We don't think we want one of those in our house!

  23. We think meowmy and pawppy would love to spy on dog-guy while they are at work...and, well of course we are good kitties and nap all the while they are away....cough, cough...

  24. Oh no! Mom says she wants one of those. The picture quality is so good! Gee, thanks a lot for the pawsome review.

  25. MOUSES! That is seriouslies cool. Our humans had never heard of it. Mom says she's going to look into that for Dad's upcoming birthday. He is a definite gadgets guy! An unwatched food bowl is fair game in our house. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  26. Maxie you are SO cute! What awesome videos, you kitties rock!


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