Thursday, December 31, 2015

Wednesday's Waif on Thursday

"Hi there! I'm Bella Ladybug.

As you can see, I'm a gorgeous tortie cat who knows how to enjoy the finer things in life, like treats, feather wands, and the laser dot."

"I also like to relax in nice, dark hiding places, which may be why they call me a "private investigator". I can be a little skittish at first, but I'm very curious and once I feel comfortable I love to explore.

I'll need an adjustment period in my new home to get used to me new surroundings and will do best with my own room for at least a week while we get to know each other through quiet interactions.

I feel best when I'm in control of introductions so I'll let you know when I feel secure enough to venture out and meet my new family. I can co-exist with other furry friends but will need time to introduce myself to them."

"I'm a sweet girl who adores attention and give lots of head butts, kisses, and purrs! My foster mom says I'm totally adorable, and now that I feel comfortable with her I like to initiate some quality petting time by touching her with my paw. (It's okay if you want to squee a little bit at that...)

Please, though...I need a home with no kids under 5 years old. Older kids are fine if they understand that sometimes a kitty needs her personal space."

"I'll do best in a calm, quiet home. Once I warm up we'll be best buds in no time.

I promise I'm worth a little patience and time! I've been here for 273 days now. I'm not strong on math, but that feels like an eternity to me in kitten years, wouldn't you agree?

Come meet me soon, please?

Bella Ladybug"

Bella's available today - and dying for her very own forever home for the new year! - at Allie's Alma Mater, Wayside Waifs.



  1. Awww, what a sweetie she is! We hope she will have a furry Happy year ahead in a new den:)

  2. Bella, you are such a sweetheart! You sound awesome.

  3. Bella, you are one exquisite little tortie! 2016 is going to be your year, I just know it!!!

  4. What a beautiful kitty you are, Bella. We hope your future family finds you soon so you can get 2016 off to the right start in the quiet home you deserve!

  5. what a beautiful girl....we got our paws crossed you get your wish very quickly!!

  6. Sweet Ladybug ♥ That is way too long to be waiting for your forever home. I hope you find it in 2016. Happy New Year!

  7. bella....we troo lee hope that yur ringin in de new yeer... in yur new for evers vereee best oh all typez oh fishez two ewe.... that ya findz that for evers home & yur awesum peepulz !! ♥♥♥

  8. Such a beauty- I hope you get a forever home soon.

  9. Gosh, so many days in the shelter. Hope that lovely lady cat finds her furrever home soonest.

  10. Hi Bella Ladybug. We have something in name before I came to my new family was Bella too. I spent a few months in the shelter, but not as long as you. With all the great information and video, I hope you'll find your forever home soon.


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