Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday's Purrs: Rose

"Hi! My name is Rose.
Due to very unfortunate events, this is my second time at KC Pet Project. No, it’s not my fault. The first time, it was because my human passed away.

I was adopted by another wonderful human and she says I’m the sweetest, most cuddly cat she’s ever met. She wished with all her heart that she could keep me, but she was moving away and was afraid the stress of the move would be too much for me.

I admit, I do start off as a very shy kitty, but with time, love, and effort…I will be your best friend, honest."

"I am very scared of the shelter, so I need your help.

I prefer quieter households. My mom isn’t sure if I get along with other cats, but I can tell you right now that dogs aren’t my favorite.

Oh, and I do have one requirement: I MUST be able to sleep with you. You see, I'm a real cuddler. Feet and bellies are my favorite!

I love to play, too. Jingly balls are my fave, but wand toys are okay, too. I eat dry food, but I absolutely adore wet food. YUM!"

"Let's see.... what else can I tell you about myself?  Oh! I’m real a lady.
In fact, always cross my legs when I sit.

I know I’m scared and quiet right now, but if you take me home, you won’t regret it.
Won't you come meet me?

Shy purrs,

Rose is available at the Main Campus of KC Pet Project. Come meet her today!



  1. Rose, you are adorable! There's a real furrever home waiting for you; it's just around the corner, I bet!

  2. You are the most beautiful Rose I've ever seen! Some family sure is going to be lucky to bring you home.

  3. Aww, Rose, I hope you get a new home very soon - one that's for good.

  4. There sure aren't any thorns on this sweet Rose! Hoping it is 3rd time lucky!

  5. Oh sweet Rose ! I live too far away and have several kitties already, but I am purraying you find exactly the perfect furever home soon !

  6. You are such a lovely Rose, that someone needs to make into their bouquet!
    Soon, furry soon, I hope!


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