Monday, August 28, 2017

Wait. WHAT?!?

Faraday: *scandalized look* Maxie, did you see the news?
Maxwell: Uhhhh ....
Faraday: Seriousllies, Maxie. Everyone's talking about it.

Mommy has been spotted cheating on us.

Exhibit A, Incriminating Evidence
Maxwell: Is that ...
Faraday:  YASSSSSSSSS. And I thought he was one of the boys.
Maxwell: Dood. That totally breaks the code.

That's right, gentle reader. While the boys sit staring in shock at Exhibit A, the mom is in Colorado on a photo safari/vacay with her good friend, Glogirly.

Selfie taken yesterday in Rocky Mountain National Park

Waffles: Hey, Miss Lisa, don't you think this could use a little more orange? And maybe some chicken?

Katie: Don't worry, Allie. I'll send her packing tomorrow. My word on it.




  1. She better make it up to you guys big time!

  2. uh oh - hope she brings back something neat from her trip

  3. We hoomins cannot be expected to remain loyal to our home kitties while out doing ANYTHING else, especially when visiting friends with cats! That's just to law of the land; sorry. And visiting another cat blogger...well, the sky's the limit!
    (Hope you ladies are having fun...looks like it!)

  4. The horror! The Scandal! Humans are so faithless! She better bring you back a hack of a gift to make up for such treachery!

  5. I'm glad I'm a show kitty - I can cheat on my human with other humans! Makes up for her unfaithfulness.

  6. Good thing you caught her , she better bring you a gift.

  7. She's just trying to get new ideas on how to spoil you boys..

  8. Horrible that she is cavorting with other cats and cat lady.

  9. Blogs; Now have become the show 'Cheaters' for kitties! Oh boy, I wonder how you'll punish her when she gets home!

  10. Dudes it's hardly cheating on you, just think of it as a girls holiday... Waffles is probably thinking the same thing too!
    Toodle pip and purrs

  11. But ... it's WAFFLES!!!! Surely if there's an exception for that sort of thing ... he would be it!

  12. OMC! That mommy of yours better bring you back lots of gifts and some chicken to make up for all that cheating!

  13. Yes, we feel that way too when petcretary goes on one of her 'getaways'...we can smell all the evidence when she comes back.

  14. WAFFLES: Is she gone? but-but-
    KATIE: What, don't you have anyone to crawl in bed with at 5:30am anymore?

    We miss you, Lisa!
    Ok, Waffles misses you and so does Glogirly. Katie, not so much.



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