Friday, August 18, 2017

Whose mousie, again?

Maxwell: Cool, Allie. A mousie. 
Allie: That's my mousie, Maxie. And once I'm done with my nap, I intend to play with it.

So paws off--- *yawwwnnn* -- 'k?

Allie: Really, I'd hate to have to hurt you over a mousie infraction.
Or have you forgotten the lounger incident from last week so soon?

Maxwell: (casually stretches paw out and snags mouse while giving leg a nonchalant lick)
Um, yeah, sure Allie. Whatever.

Allie: I saw that, Maxie. I think I'll just nap with my mousie, if you don't mind.
(hugs mousie chastely to her breast)

Allie: ... and maybe I'd better sleep with one eye open.

... or maybe both eyes ....

That's probably a good idea, girlie.
(To be continued ....)




  1. Our cats don't like sharing that toy either. Everyone knows I have a ginormous crush on Maxie ... but stick to your guns, Allie!

  2. There must be another mouse in the house for you Maxie.

  3. "Those pesky brothers," Mewsette mutters.

  4. Better protect what is yours. Multi pet households are rampant with theft! I howl from experience!

  5. Hmmm,maybe more mousies are needed. But then living in a yurt full of mousies I know that only THE mousie is the one that counts

  6. Yep, Max still has his eye on that mousie!

  7. Allie, I think I need to loan you the eyes I have in the back of my head. ; )

  8. Allie, that smousy toy isn't pink. Are you sure it's your's *wink*

  9. Well, I do believe Maxie just might win this one...just maybe:)
    He sure is trying to be sneaky...Max, you need a distractor to keep Allie busy for a moment then you can pounce on that mousie to claim it!

  10. Wow, you can sleep with both eyes open, Allie?

  11. Maxwell, I think you might want to let Allie have that mouse.

  12. We don't think Maxie is going to give up. Do you have three eyes, Allie? You may need them.

  13. Oddly, we can't think of a single situation where we competed of a toy. We each have favrits the others don't like.

    I only love milk rings, Iza only likes rattley mousies, and Marley only likes tossed kibbles. ~ AYLA


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