Friday, February 21, 2014

Fangs on Friday

Since Maxie's getting those pearly whites polished today, it's only fitting he gets to show a little fang:

Dark Fangs attack Momma's leg.



  1. Have a fabulous Friday Dark Fang and good luck with the toothy cleaning.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. We're sending lots of purrs for a smooth dental!

  3. Hoping all goes well, those are indeed fine fangs!

  4. oooh Maxwell be brave and feel better very soon. Next Friday it's yoor mommy and daddy's turn at da toof torturer right? Oh wait yoor mommy still has an owww-e leg right? Wellll.. *ponder-ers face* den I guess she gets a pass...and yoor daddy has had to no-cuddle wif yoo all...right? So...I guess after today yoor house deserves happy times. Yoo've all been thru a pawful February...soon we'll all march into March on happy widdle cat feets! Feel better buddy!

  5. best fishes at de ewe noe wear place dood N if ya dont noe wear ya iz goin itz best knot ta ask :)

    hope everee one haza pound oh perch week oh end !!

  6. ::chomp::

    And purrs that the procedure went well, and that Allie is feeling better.

  7. We're purring that you feel better soon, Maxwell!

  8. Aw, Maxie...we heard you lost a toof. We're sorry 'bout that and we hope you're doing okay.

  9. Looking fierce, Maxwell! We sure hope things went well today.

  10. We heard about your tooth too, Max!
    We hope mother is giving lots of extra love and treats. Nice soft treats.


  11. Great angle... beautiful fangs... those blue eyes make it even better...Looks like a picture Photoshopped for a movie.

  12. Oh Oh Oh! Good luck on the contest.

    I love that you shared their stories with us... Wow, mom is super pretty...

    Maxwell, you are the comedic of the bunch. I love that you have the funniest pair of eyes. I bet you make everybody happy even if you barely do anything funny.

    Faraday, I still don't know why your mom chose a scientist to name you as they aren't needy. By the looks of it however, you-- in terms of physical appearance-- are the most regal (which is why even if you were guilty, your innocent look will always prevail).

    Allie. You are the more serious of the three. I just love that pink nails cover... I still don't know why I've never seen you without it. I am just glad that even with the fun and frolic, you make sure everybody attains balance.


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