Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Moments We Cherish Forever #RecipeForMoments

Maxwell: If you were to ask me about the most special moment momma and I have shared, I’d have to say it was the day I made her cry.

I know, that sounds like crazy talk, right? But let me explain.

It happened the moment I laid eyes on her for the first time.

Actually it happened the moment the rescue worker placed me in her arms and she began to quietly sob.

As I patted gently at the tears rolling down her cheeks, that’s when I knew: momma needed healing.

She feared it was too soon, she said. Her heart wasn't ready for another cat.

But I knew better. And I knew I was just the kitty for the job.

You see a blurry photo from a camera phone, but this moment is crystal clear in my kitten heart.

Those first six months were a lot of work for both of us. Not everyone will adopt a deaf cat, especially one as sick as I was. Twice a day she would medicate me. And twice a day, she sealed each ear with a kiss.

I might not have been able to hear her love, but I sure could feel it.

And I loved her back, with head-butts and nuzzles and loud rumbling purrs.
And that became Our Thing. We were doing FaceTime way before any iphone ever had it!

I’m a strapping three year old now, as healthy as can be. I love playing catch with momma and my Flipper. She's pretty good at kitty games for a human.

"Here, momma! Catch!"

But we still begin each morning with our special moments – our very own FaceTime with head-butts and ear kisses.

I love those times, I do. But the moment that will forever be the most special to me is the day I made her cry.


Faraday: Well, I don’t make mommy cry.
I make her laugh.

Rumor has it that I was a needy kitten. Of course we all know that's just a bunch of libel, slander and smack talk.

Needy? Nah. I can't help it that mommy required loads of paw-on training when I first arrived. (She’s coming along quite nicely, by the way.)

And the nickname "ankle-biter" is, of course, nothing more than rumor-mongering and muckraking.

Who knows what lurks under the covers in the middle of the night anyway, I ask you? There are three kitties in this home, and until there is DNA evidence to the contrary, it's Innocent until Proven Guilty, I say!

But I digress.

As I mentioned before, Mommy's coming along nicely. She's become an expert Cuddler, and knows all the best places for scritches.

We do all sorts of stuff together, like read and snuggle. And her opposable thumbs come in real handy when I need my fireplace lit!

I leave it to Maxie to handle the more difficult training, though. Like trying to properly train her to watch BirdTV.

She's hopeless at chittering at birds. She has noooo rhythm. Kinda like Elaine in Seinfeld.
But that's okay. I just bop her one when she does it wrong!


Allie: Mother and I have more of a working relationship.

I figure it's a nice change of pace for her. I mean, she and Maxie are all mushy, and Faraday, well.... Let's just say The Brat is High Maintenance and leave it at that, shall we?

It’s refreshing to be outside with her, supervising her work. (Well, someone has to do it, and we all know I'm the Responsible cat in the household.)

Of course, it's a lot of hard work for a girlcat like me, but I'm up for it.

Whether it's ensuring she rakes all the leaves into acceptable piles over the fall and winter months, or making sure the catnip in planted in straight, even rows, I'm the girlcat for the job.

I also take Perimeter Sweeps very seriously. Securing the home against all intruders is paramount, and I walk alongside her to ensure everything is properly sniffed and Investigated.

I do enjoy my time with Mother.
However, my special moments are more the father-daughter kind.
Every girlcat needs a daddy to love! (But not mine. He’s already taken.)

And as a feline who’s always fashionable, he also benefits from my sensational sense of style.

Speaking of which:
Oh daddy dear... the 80’s called. They want their sweater back.


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  1. Love reading about the gang and each one of you brings something special to mum's heart. We know mum would not want it any other way. Great pix too. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. grande complicité, très belle à voir, et les photos magnifiques.

  3. Such beautiful stories accompanied by absolutely lovely photos. Thank you for sharing, kitties. We LOVED all your stories!

  4. These are wonderful stories! We love the idea of "facetime." Ashton does that with the head peep, too. She started it when she was a tiny kitten with a destroyed eye, which was sweeter than it was pleasant to receive. It's so nice to see that Maxwell, too, uses it as a special bonding time with his favorite peep!

  5. This was WONDERFUL!!! You've completely made my day. ...oh, way to make me all teary and tingly with sweet Max and his story! Only to make me LOL at crazy Faraday. And Allie, ever the lady...I love her so.

    Your photos are truly special #RecipeForMoments!


  6. You made MY day as well and certainly mommy's. We both loved every word and every picture and thank you for them. xxoox

  7. What a beautiful heartwarming series of stories. Each one so special.

  8. what great stories and pictures... we love learning more about all of you :)

  9. Your photos were lovely and special. Thank you for sharing them . It is clear to us that your Mama couldn't live without you three angels! What would she do without your guidance and love?! ::)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  10. this bee an awesum post guys...we troo lee enjoyed heerin mor bout each oh ewe....N pleez ta tell yur dad ta hang on ta hiz sweaterz coz fashion makes a come bak everee 30 yeerz ore sew ...yur dadz sweater iz all reddy in style again !!

  11. Maxwell is very healing, you can just feel it on him.. and love is not heard with the ears.. it is felt on the heart..

    lol@the 80s comment..

  12. Awwwww. Those are such beautiful stories, gang, and real moments to cherish. We loved hearing about the special relationships you have with your Mom and Dad. :)

  13. Oh, you all get to have such wonderful moments with your momma and daddy. Cherish every moments because they are all special.

  14. Those are awesome and made us sniff a little.

  15. Judging from my leaky eyes, this is my favorite one so far. The shots of Maxwell made my heart melt. My post is tomorrow and you set the bar high!

  16. Such lovely stories of you all. My mum had leaky eyes too reading about Maxwell. Those photos are full of love.

  17. Seriously, we think this is one of the best #RecipeforMoments posts we've read.

  18. I love your post. So beautiful and touching and the story about you and Maxwell so very special.

  19. So lovely!! I feel all warm and cuddley now - I may have to go give my humans some love!!

  20. Such beautiful and heartwarming stories. Love how Allie and her daddy color coordinated for their picture!

  21. Oh oh dat was da most bootiful post ever! ummm..hold on..I's just got sumting in me eye *wiping away tiny kitteh tears*. Mom sez her eyes are just leaking "happy tears",wotever dey are. We especially remember seeing dat piccie of 'Maxwell and mommy' dat stole our hearts too,Maxie knew where home was when he saw Lisa,he just had to gently paw his way into her broken heart (I tink Ryker ordered it). *sniff* Tank yoo fer da happy tears today!

  22. What beautiful moments! So glad you and your mom have each other!!

  23. You brought me from crying to laughing to sighing....a perfect #recipeformoments post! One of the best I've read.

  24. You brought me from crying to laughing to sighing....a perfect #recipeformoments post! One of the best I've read.


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