Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday's Waif: Mufasa!

Oh MY. Now here's one irresistible lover-kitty:

Meet Mufasa!

"Hi there,
My name is Mufasa. I am one of the sweetest, gentlest, friendliest cats you will ever know.

I came from a hoarding group, and many believe I was the dad to several of the other cats brought to Wayside. I was fostered for a few weeks, and my Foster Mom totally fell in love with me.

What can I say, I am a charming guy!

I love to be petted, I love to be held. And I LOVE to be kissed over and over and over.

I also like to climb up onto people's shoulders and backs, and give gentle headbutts to their face. (And I give pretty good back massages, too - just check out my video, and see for yourself! Anyone looking for a masseuse? I'm your mancat!)

I am a soulful kind of guy who likes to look right into your eyes. I am playful too. I love me a good round of chase with the toy mouse. Well, and wand toys, of course. What kitty doesn't like those?

Overall, I am pretty mellow and just happy to be around you. My personality is called the "Personal Assistant," and my Foster Mom says that is absolutely correct.

It means I am medium brave, and that I will want to hang out with you throughout the day. I would be great in any home, with kids, seniors, you name it. (I am not sure how I would be with a dog, as I have never lived with one.)

Foster Mom says I am purrrfect. I bet you will think so too when you come out to meet me.

I hope that'll be soon!

Headbutts & purrs,

Mufasa is available for adoption today at Allie's Alma Mater, Wayside Waifs!


  1. good luck Mufasa (and be glad you are over likes to kiss guys with big heads)

  2. Mufasa is quite popular at Wayside. He is irresistable. Even though he is 8 yrs young, I can't imagine he will be there much longer before finding his forever home. One of THE toughest fosters I've ever had to bring back.

  3. He's a handsome guy. We hope he finds his forever home soon!

  4. Oh Mufasa, what a sweetheart you are! Huge purrs to you for finding a safe, loving forever home where you are cherished. (Hope both Faraday and Maxwell are doing well, purrs to both of them.)


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