Monday, February 3, 2014

Breakthrough Therapy Blocks Cat Allergies

“I’m allergic to cat hair!”
Actually, no, you’re not. 

What your body reacts to is a protein found in cat saliva and cat dander. 

This protein (known as Fel d 1) is then passed onto a cat’s fur as she grooms herself. 

So it’s easy enough to see why someone would assume they’re allergic to cat hair!

Being allergic to Fel d 1 is no picnic. Allergy sufferers can experience a host of misery-inducing conditions: itchy skin, eyes that swell shut, runny noses – even difficulty breathing.

For years, the tried and true method to combat this has been a desensitization program. The goal is to re-educate your own body’s immune system so that it sees this cat protein as friend, not foe.

Traditionally, this has been administered through allergy shots. The course usually takes 5 years, and often doctors advise an indefinite “maintenance program” that follows.

But now a British biopharmaceutical company, Circassia, has pioneered a different approach that blocks the cascade of allergic reactions at their source. In geek-speak, they block mast-cells from releasing histamine, that chemical substance in your body that causes the itching and swelling an runny nose. Those are all the “early-stage” allergy responses.

This new approach also addresses the more threatening “late-stage” allergy responses – the coughing,  wheezing, and difficulty breathing that some people experience. 

More geek-speak: this new approach actually trains your body’s own T-cells to block the secretion of inflammatory molecules that irritate the lungs and airways.

And instead of 5 years, the entire treatment occurs over the course of twelve weeks, with only four doses. 

According to Circassia, their new Cat-SPIRE therapy has achieved unprecedented results, reporting patients’ symptoms being substantially reduced, even long-term.

Great news! You can 
test this out for yourself.

Circassia is currently a year and a half into its Phase III trials of Cat-SPIRE, and is seeking interested cat owners in cities all across the U.S. and Canada to test this new therapy.

When I called to speak to a representative to inquire about where you need to live to be eligible, she told me that the clinical trial, called CATALYST, will find a clinic for you in your area.

All you need to do to participate, if interested, is to contact them. They can be reached by calling 1-844-CAT-STUDY. Or you can go online to submit your location, at this link here.

Three cheers for Circassia, from cat allergy sufferers the world over!

Circassia: Cat-SPIRE 
Circassia: About TolerMune Therapy

Monday Medical Disclaimer: 
I am not a veterinarian, and the information provided here is not intended in any way as a substitute for professional veterinary care. Nor should it be used to self-diagnose for your pet. This information is for educational purposes and to provide you with reputable documentation you can use to pose informed questions of your own to the veterinarian of your choice.


  1. That is interesting. We have never heard of it. Must go and check it out. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Wow, that's amazing! Who knew it could be so simple?

  3. How interesting. I wonder how expensive it is.

  4. I shared this with my rescue group and one person has already applied to participate, others are considering and sharing with others yet. I can't wait to hear the results!

  5. Sweet Purrfections, I think it's free, as you'd be participating in a clinical trial.

  6. Very cool! Now to lick up a storm and see if mommy will become allergic so she can be part of science! *innocent purrrrrrrr*

  7. This is so exciting! So many kitties end up in shelters because someone is allergic. We hope the day comes when that excuse won't exist!

  8. TW was told she’s allergic to cats after a patch test but her PCP told her that raised bump only means shes been exposed to cats. We also read something in a Ragdoll blog of someone who stopped being allergic when she reached menopause. I should have TW call anyway.

  9. Back when we were researching what my niece was having, we came across this program that helps in extreme allergic reaction. Yes, it has something to do with blocking the histamine excretion of the body by strengthening the walls of the cells that produce it.

    Good that you shared it here.


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