Friday, October 2, 2015

Cozy up this fall with #Mutts (and a cat or two)

Allie: What's this? Something in pink? It must be for me, then!
Me: well...yes and no... I think the sleep shirt might be too big for you, girlie.

But you'll love the comics, and I can read them to you.
I think you'll especially like Mooch's friend, "Shtinky".
Allie investigates the new Mutts Winter Diaries book by Andrews & McMeel

Allie: I don't know, Mother. I have a rather refined nose, you know...
Me: Oh, but I think you'll find a kindred spirit here - just take a look:

I love supporting companies that support animal adoption! Patrick McDonnell's Mutts Comics is one of them!
From The Mutt's web site, under "Meet the Cast". And you can buy a print of this!
Wouldn't that make a great thank you gift for a shelter worker or volunteer you know?

THIS is why I said "yes" when I received an email asking if I was interested in promoting the new book from Mutt Comics, called The Mutt Winter Diaries.

I love it when I find a kindred spirit whose love for shelter animals shines through. And as you can see from his comic above, Patrick McDonnell - and his strip's characters - fit that perfectly. McDonnell is very active in animal rescue and has both a dog and a formerly feral cat of his own, named Not Ootie (ya gotta love that name!).

Mutts Winter Diaries plus Sleep Shirt: Allie approves

Allie: WAIT. Diaries? Did you say diaries? Oooh, everyone knows all the really juicy stuff is found in diaries! I approve, Mother.

So glad you do, girlie. So glad you do.
Maxwell: Uh, Momma, so you said you could read it to us?

Maxwell investigates the Mutts Comics sleep shirt

Maxwell: Let's do it! A chair by the fireplace, a hot mug of tea and me. Can you read it to me now?

Maxwell poses with his copy of The Mutts Winter Diaries book + sleep shirt (uh, the shirt looks a bit BIG for you, dood)

Here's a sneak preview of what you'll find inside:

inside the Mutts Winter diaries, sneak peek #1

inside the Mutts Winter diaries, sneak peek #2
Um, Mooch? We think you need a better Almanac, buddy....

The Mutts Winter Diaries would make a great holiday gift for your animal loving friends. So would the pretty-in-pink nightshirt made by Richard Leeds, Int'l.

The book will be available in just a little over a week - it publishes on October 13th!

Win a book & shirt of your very own!

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Let the folks at Mutts Comics know you support companies that support animal rescue.
Follow them socially!


FTC Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mutts Comics, and we received the book and sleep shirt plus a small fee to compensate us for creating this content. Every post on A Tonk's Tail will always reflect our honest and unbiased opinions. Mutts Comics is not responsible for the content of this article. 

Did you know?


That's the two numbers that make up your blood pressure reading: the upper and the lower numbers.
But you can't even get a reading for the lower number on a cat!

It's really hard to take a cat's blood pressure. Especially if your vet don't have the right equipment.
Read more about it in our article on Catster!


  1. We are supporters of the Mutts human for the very same reason you are!

  2. We love Mutts at our house, but who doesn't. We really want to win the nightshirt for Mom and the book for her to read to us. We are having a great book giveaway right now too. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. This is so cute. I love the shelter print. ♥

  4. I think Mooch lives in Maine.. that happens to us all the time

  5. Very cute! We signed up for this stuff, and never heard back from them...I guess they wanted cute kitties and not a dog for posting ;) Oh to see cats talking about mutts!

  6. Dat's weally cute.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  7. Allie, we love that pink wrapping.and t-shirt. They just have to be for you! :)

  8. We love The Mutts here too. And BTW, I originally came from a animal shelter too. Took two homes ta get ta the right place. ~ MARLEY

  9. WE love Mutts and have blogged about them before but not now.

  10. Mutts are fabulous 'toons.........and we love the pink shirt and diary! How cool...........

    Love, Sammy


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