Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday's Shelter Sweetie: Charlotte

My name is Charlotte, and I was brought in to Great Plains with my mother when our owner had to give us both up."

"As you can probably tell, I'm extremely shy and this new, strange place with all its strange smells is so very, very scary!

I spend my days hiding in a cardboard box, hoping this nightmare will end soon."

"I long for a quiet, calm home, and the soft understanding words of a human who will give me the time I need to come out of my shell, be a bit brave and learn about my new world and my new home.

Might you be that person who will rescue me?

Shy and fearful purrs,

Charlotte is available at the Merriam Campus of Great Plains SPCA.


  1. Charlotte, I'm so sorry your human had to give you up. I hope somebody comes along to adopt you soon!

  2. You look like such a sweetheart, Charlotte! Someone special is such to snatch you up!

  3. Charlotte and her mom were adopted today!

  4. Breaking mews!!!! Charlotte found her forever home!!!!!!

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  6. charlotte...we iz a day late in sayin we hope yur for evers home iz found veree soon, but HOORAY !!!!! now we can say all de veree best two ewe & yur mom in yur new for evers home...HAPPEE GOTCHA DAY!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

  7. I saw that Charlotte have found a foreverhome = YAY !!!



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