Thursday, October 1, 2015

In Honor of Frugality

Maxwell: I know Momma works hard so we can have fancy toys and stuff.
So I thought maybe, in honor of National Frugal Fun Day, I could help out by playing with something that didn't cost her any of those green papers.

Maxwell: Hullo, little dried weed. You landed on my foot a coupla weeks ago.
Faraday: (yells from the other room) PAW, Maxie. You have paws. Sheeeesh, seriouslies....
Maxwell: Ignore him, little weed. Let's you and me play!

Maxwell: *chomp!*flip!*

Maxwell: See how much fun this is, Faraday?
Faraday: (from the other room) Yeah, yeah, yeah, go on, knock yourself out...
Maxwell: Now Momma doesn't need to waste her green papers on any wand toys for us!

Faraday: Now hold on, Maxie, let's not go overboard with this FRUGAL stuff....

Wait. No green papers for your toys means more for me...
Maxwell: Uh, bro, I don't think Momma's gonna like your math.



  1. I think free toys are lots of fun! Just wait til you see the one I found when I post on Saturday... um, my human was not pleased.

  2. Found toys are the best toys! It's too bad they're often followed by, "Nooooooo, that's not yooooours!"

  3. Found toys often end up costing me more than wand toys

    1. Mommy sez especially if they get SWALLOWED....

  4. found toys are awesome....unless it was some important "mom thing"

  5. You cats are happy with a box, you don't need the green papers!

  6. Maxie, you could market that and make a fortune!
    You'll need a logo, a jingle... how about an infomercial?!
    You're going to need a whole staff.
    ; )

  7. We like to roll in that grass and then bring it in the house. We don't play with it, but we think Mom appreciates us giving her something to pick up for the exercise.

  8. Maxie you show us how much fun the simpler things are to play with!

  9. The Farm cats are very good at finding free toys. Although Sherpa found one the other day that bit back

  10. dood...."weed'...huh !!!! wink....wink.....
    ;) ;)

    heerz two a frigate mackerull kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  11. MOL One of our favowit toys is da ring dat comes fwum da milk jugs. We figger it didn't cost anyfin' cuz mommy was gunna buy da milk anyways, wight. Weez not yet twied playin' wiff da weeds. Have fun.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  12. Free toys are the best! My favourite is when a leaf blows in the open door into the kitchen.

  13. Free toys are the bestest thing in the world. Mom brings us dried leaves and stuffs for us to play with all the time.

  14. Gotta have a few new store bought toys now and then.

  15. We think the best toys are those that aren't intended to be. :)


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